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Dressing royals and celebs: How Finnish family brand Andiata came to represent Scandi sensibility

By Eliza Sörman Nilsson

Photo: Andiata

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree - and for fashion brand Andiata nurturing a mother daughter relationship has been key to it's success

Matilda Morelius got her career break as a baby. As the daughter of Finnish label Andiata founder Tarja Rantanen, Morelius grew up surrounded by clothing designs, materials and seamstresses. “I actually don’t even know when I first officially started,” she says. “I remember following her to work as a little girl and playing around at the office and from a very young age, I helped her with all of the different departments, everything from steaming and cutting patterns to packing and following up on the shipments.”

Andiata was founded in 1986 by then 25-year-old Rantanen, the same age Morelius is now, as a slow fashion brand. The label makes timeless, quality pieces that can be passed down from mother to daughter. And just like the clothes, this philosophy seems to extend to how the brand itself is run - Rantanen is head designer, founder and CEO, but she is passing on her design and business know-how to Morelius, who works as a designer. The pieces, that find themselves on everyone from influencers and royals, ooze that much-loved Scandinavian aesthetic - elevated wardrobe staples that lean into minimalism while still having an air of elegance.

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