The Danish guide to layering

By Sophia Roe

Photo: @josefinehj

The coldest months are on the horizon and what better way to prepare for the season than warming up for winter the Scandi way

I may be biased, but layering up for the colder months seems to be something that we Danes do best. No matter how frigid the temperature, we aim to do it effortlessly - all the while keeping it elegant and modern of course.


There are a couple things to have in mind when choosing your layers, like choosing to go with classic colours and bold silhouettes. They may not be Danish but this is an approach Max Mara has perfected to aplomb over the years.

The idea behind this is all about choosing a single hued approach and a tone on tone colour palette. It is earthy tones and neutral colours (the go-to colour palette amongst the Danish) that suit this look best, and they are common denominator between the Milanese fashion house and our aesthetic.

Max Mara Coat

Max Mara AW 19/20. Photo: Getty

AW 21/22.

Max Mara

AW 20/21.

By building the layers correctly, it will always be safe to undo and redo layers during the day when the weather is changeable. Dressing with layers is a safe way to always be prepared for a versatile weather and there are couple good rules to follow and some specific key elements to consider to preparing for winter:

How to layer like a Dane:

1 | Base Layer

Start with the first layer, your base layer always has to be the thinnest, but it's still warm in the right fabric. You want to look for breathable and organic materials and choose a light, long-sleeved base layer, to ensure a good and warm temperature.

2 | The Blazer

The next element the Danes love to layer with is always the blazer. The classic wardrobe must-have not only refines your look, but it also is a tried and tested formula. The contrast of the texture of a knit against the jacket you choose will always look elevated and add extra polish.

3 | The Coat

The third layer that the Danes do so well is the coat. This winter you want to go with an oversized silhouette and look for a floor skimming length with masculine fit. It will allow the many layers to go unnoticed underneath and there will be enough space to play with if you need to add a knit underneath.

The Knit

The last layer commonly seen on the Danish, is the knit. And if you follow the Danish way of wearing it, it is worn almost as an accessory, by wrapping it around the neck. A styling method that Phoebe Philo embraced during her time at Céline. An era without a doubt the Danish women have found inspiration in.

The bottom line is to go for classic colours, tone on tone and to include organic materials like wool or cashmere for texture, and finally adopting a bold and masculine fit on your outer-layers. Follow this four step formula and you will be ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

The colder months is just around the corner and when looking for pieces to wear for the season, look to homegrown talent such as Danish brands Mark Kenly Domino Tan and By Malene Birger. Both brands excel at tonal dressing, and not to mention both have masculine and bold silhouettes which are perfect for layering.