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Wrapped up: Why you should consider this sustainable alternative to wrapping paper

By Celine Aagaard

Photo: Aiayu

Kicking the Christmas wrapping paper habit is simple and can make your gifts even more special

Given all the stress and pressure that can so often come with Christmas, it’s perhaps not a surprise that sustainability isn’t always at the top of people’s minds at this time of year. But a greener Christmas is possible - and being more environmentally-friendly doesn’t mean you have to forego the fun or festive factor.

Even seemingly small changes can make a huge difference. Consider Christmas wrapping: in 2018, people in the UK threw away the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper in the aftermath of Christmas. Globally, it’s estimated that some 50,000 trees are cut down each year to create the shiny mass-produced paper that adorns our presents one minute and is flung in the bin the next. Added to that, most wrapping paper contains microplastics meaning that it doesn’t get recycled and instead goes into landfills.

But there are alternatives. And super stylish ones at that, as a number of Scandi designers are demonstrating this season.

Photo: Aiayu