The It girls wear Eytys in the instantly iconic Charli XCX ‘360’ video

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Eytys

Not one but three stars of the new Charli XCX video wear pieces by Swedish It brand Eytys

The music video for Charli XCX track ‘360’, which took the internet by storm over the weekend, is populated by a veritable smorgasbord of It girls: Julia Fox, Emma Chamberlain, Chloe Cherry, Gabriette and original cool girl Chloë Sevigny, to name just a handful. But there was something else familiar amidst all the stomping and serving. Not one but three of the video’s stars were wearing pieces by Swedish brand Eytys.


Unsurprisingly, Eytys creative director Max Schiller is a fan. “I love this video!” says Schiller. “Fierce women joining forces being hot, strong and a tad intimidating. Can’t think of a more perfect dinner party for some Eytys outfits.”

It girls on a bus. Photo: Eytys

Gabriette in the Yves vest. Photo: Eytys

Chloe Cherry (centre) in the Zion t-shirt. Photo: Eytys

It’s only natural that Eytys, a cool girl brand if there ever was one, would pop up at the cool girl convention. Here, we find Fox wearing a leather moto jacket with the brand name embossed on the back, Cherry in the instantly-recognisable ‘Extra Virgin’ slogan baby T (a followup to the beloved ‘Eurotrash’ t-shirt) and Gabriette in a black knitted vest. What’s more, all three pieces are currently up for grabs on the brand’s website.

It girls at the table. Photo: Eytys

Chloe Cherry in the Zion t-shirt. Photo: Eytys

Julia Fox in the Damon jacket. Photo: Eytys

Styled by Chris Horan, the looks embody the devil-may-care, dark femininity that places these women on endless moodboards. Watch the video below.

Damon leather jacket


Zion t-shirt