Gigi Hadid proves this particular pair of Eytys jeans are timeless

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Courtesy of Eytys (@eytys)

Supermodel Gigi Hadid doubles down on her everlasting love for Swedish brand Eytys by stepping out in their beloved 'Benz' jeans

Gigi Hadid has shown her love for Eytys on several occasions (the brand's relaxed black trousers, its chunky Angel sneakers, the list goes on). But the supermodel’s latest Eytys-clad New York walkabout hits different. Heading for brunch with new(ish) flame Bradley Cooper, Hadid wears the relaxed ‘Benz’ jeans; a silhouette that has not once lost its mojo since the Swedish brand introduced them in 2017 by way of its very first denim drop.


Paired with a simple white T-shirt, patent loafers and a relaxed leather jacket from Worn Vintage – yet another Swedish wardrobe winner – Hadid’s faded black jeans take centre stage. The high-ish, snug-fitting waist (resulting in a flattering fit on the butt – always a challenge with baggier jeans) and gently tapered ankle offers an effortless fit that’s never sloppy. Eytys calls them “the perfect baggy denim” and the brand might be right.

Hadid’s casual look – an everyday blueprint for spring, really – is proof that the Benz is destined to live on as a tried and true favourite for years to come. The best accessory of all? That smile.

Doublé leather jacket

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Benz jeans


The clean cut t-shirt


Babi leather loafers

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