A taste of Gabbriette: A peak into the It-girl's life on set

By Olivia Ekelund

We sit down with Instragram icon Gabbriette Bechtel to talk her new campaign with Zalando, ‘A Taste of You’

Gabriette Bechtel is a no nonsense babe. She stands out – in part because of her style, which is dark and sexy and unapologetic. But also because the take-no-prisoners way that she presents herself. Her aura exudes a ‘this is me, whether you like it or not’ energy. And it's likely what’s captured the one million followers across her socials. Alongside, of course, her mouth-watering cooking videos.


It’s that verve, and culinary passion, that landed her Zalando’s spring/summer campaign ‘A Taste of You’. A celebration of individuality that dives into the idiosyncrasies of some of the biggest personalities inspiring fans with their passions and personal stories. One of which is Bechtel, captured playing in a sleek, stainless steel kitchen. Who despite her iron-clad sense of self and established look has always made room for experimentation when it comes to her identity.

“Life would be boring if we didn’t have [quirks and passion],” Bechtel starts. “I would go to school one day with red lipstick and a fur coat and the next with black eye liner and striped tops, until I found what worked,” she continues. “I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you. For me it’s my mum, my sister, my friends. And hot, rock chick icons.”

And she’s already had a few different identities in the limelight. First musician as the lead vocalist for Nasty Cherry, next, Instagram chef and up-and-coming model - which was around the time she garnered her cult following. And now that she’s walked for the likes of Diesel, Dsquared2 and Alexander Wang, starred in campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and Agent Provocateur, and graced the pages of Dazed and Vogue, no one can deny her current status: It girl.

Straightforward and sharp, she sees her rise to fame as simple to explain. “The only reason I follow anyone I do is because I either know them personally or think they're cool, so I guess people either know me or think I'm cool. My main influences are the people around me, artists I look up to, people on the street, Martha Stewart. I hope to make people a little hungry.” Which she does - it’s dangerous to give her an Instagram-stalk on an empty stomach.

My main influences are the people around me, artists I look up to, people on the street, Martha Stewart. I hope to make people a little hungry.

Gabbriette Bechtel

The model of the moment sets boundaries for what she says ‘yes’ to – which is key when it comes to having a say in your self-expression. She confidently reels off her list of essentials: “Must include people with good attitudes! Must include nothing but the hottest clothes. Must have good catering. Good music on set. Preferably not cold. A few animals running around. A friend or two.”

And, if it’s abroad, she wants time to take in the place she’s travelled to. “If i'm in a different country, someone local who can tell me where to eat and shop and interesting facts about where I am” – more proof of her curious nature, always on the hunt for new inspiration. She also reveals her non-negotiable, essential to her best shots to date: “someone to scream “yasss” as I have my photo taken!”

Zalando’s Spring Summer 2024 ‘A Taste of You’ was developed in collaboration with creative agency Convoy and features stories from Real Madrid Footballer Eduardo Camavinga, multi-instrumentalist and producer CKTRL, TikTok sensation and model Alex Consani, crochet creator and produce, Henri Purnell, and American model and musician, Gabbriette Bechtel. The campaign and each story is now available across all Zalando platforms.