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These are the 7 best places to go for a first date in Copenhagen

By Gabriele Dellisanti

Photo: Marco Van Rijt

If you're struggling for inspiration, and want to skip the standard dinner for two, then let these seven spots get you in the mood... for love

We’ve all been there. The nervous planning that comes with arranging a first date, which inevitably culminates in a last-minute scramble to find a suitable place to meet.

But such panics are avoidable, especially in a city like Copenhagen. The Danish capital has no shortage of charming spots to break the ice. And we’re not just talking candle-lit cafes and Michelin-starred eateries. Think of narrow canals lined with candy-coloured homes, independent movie theatres dotting the city’s most picturesque corners, lakeside promenades that stretch from one vibrant neighbourhood to another.

From a romantic movie night to a refreshing post-sauna dip, here are seven not-so-obvious spots to make a fantastic first impression.