These are the 7 best places to go for a date in Copenhagen

By Gabriele Dellisanti

Photo: Marco Van Rijt

If you're struggling for inspiration, and want to skip the standard dinner for two, then let these seven spots get you in the mood... for love

We’ve all been there. The nervous planning that comes with arranging a date – especially a first – which inevitably culminates in a last-minute scramble to find a suitable place to meet.


But such panics are avoidable, especially in a city like Copenhagen. The Danish capital has no shortage of charming spots to break the ice. And we’re not just talking candle-lit cafes and Michelin-starred eateries. Think of narrow canals lined with candy-coloured homes, independent movie theatres dotting the city’s most picturesque corners, lakeside promenades that stretch from one vibrant neighbourhood to another.

From a romantic movie night to a refreshing post-sauna dip, here are seven not-so-obvious spots to make a fantastic first impression.


Keep it casual on Dronning Louise's Bro

Do it like the locals and grab a six-pack of Tuborg beer at a nearby kiosk and enjoy stunning sunset views over the city’s curving lakes at Queen Louise's Bridge. The historic structure, which connects the inner city with the Nørrebro district and is crossed by over a million cyclists each year, has become one of Copenhagen’s busiest hangout spots year-round. People-watching stylish Copenhagers here is an absolute delight.


Wander the Botanical Gardens

Get things off to a rosy start with a stroll through Denmark’s widest collection of living plants. Housing everything from rare cacti to near-extinct cycads dating back to the age of dinosaurs, Copenhagen’s botanical gardens provide an idyllic getaway a short walk away from the city’s main drag. While the on-site cafe offers a range of refreshments, you can also go ahead and bring your favourite bottle of wine with you (yes, it’s still Denmark). And a little tipple might help any awkward conversations flow slightly easier.

Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen


Enjoy a movie night with a difference at Vester Vov Vov Cinema in Vesterbro

If you’re truly terrified of awkward silences, then a movie night might be a good option. Skip a first date on the couch by heading to this small independent cinema in the heart of Vesterbro. Showing a curated selection of independent and award-winning films, the space is equipped with a retro-style bar meaning you still have an ideal spot to spark up some conversation pre- or post-screening.


A beautiful brunch at Mirabelle Bakery

Who said first dates need to be confined to evenings? For the early (love) birds, a hearty brunch at one of Copenhagen’s finest bakeries might provide just the right amount of romance, and if not at least you get some fantastic food out of the visit. Specialising in a range of Italian dishes but with a broad, something-for-everyone menu, Mirabelle is a venue that's equally expert at brewing quality coffee and at shaking cocktails if things are going really well and you want to prolong your stay all day.

Photo: Dianne Pavletich


Grab an al fresco drink in Litauens Plads

If you’re keen to join the locals in one of the capital's most vibrant areas, Litauens Plads is the place to go. Located in the heart of Vesterbro, an area of the city dotted with the latest hip boutiques and bakeries, the square is home to one of the city’s cosiest outdoor bars, Riga. Open all year, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy either an ice-cold IPA or homemade Danish delicacies, whatever the weather.


Wow your date with a waterside dinner at La Banchina in Refshaleøen

Take one of the city’s yellow harbour buses and zig-zag your way to the former industrial area of Refshaleøen. Here you’ll find La Banchina, a top-rated bar and restaurant housed in a repurposed timber building with piers extending into the surrounding water. Natural wines and craft beers abound, and in the colder months, the on-site sauna makes this the perfect place for those seeking the thrill of Danish winter bathing. And speaking of breaking the ice…


Impress with a bite in the 'It'-district of Nordhavn

The newly developed district of Nordhavn, just a short Metro ride from the inner city, has turned into a fully-fledged design and foodie destination. The area’s harbour, lined with extensive timber docks, is the perfect spot for a swim and a take-out meal. There's a wealth of culinary delights to choose from, from Michelin-starred tacos at Hija de Sanchez Cantina to decadent sourdough pizzas.