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This is the expert way to do braids right in time for 17.mai

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Siren Lauvdal og Model: Ingvild K.M./Team Models

First thing’s first, don’t wash your hair. For the rest, keep on reading

In celebration of the day the national constitution was signed, every 17.mai Norwegians from all over the world unite to celebrate National Day. When it comes to fashion and beauty, the Bunad, a traditional folk attire, is a favourite look for the day and with it, braids.


“For national day we want the focus to be on the dress, therefore we don’t go crazy on the hair,” explains Ina Coucheron, senior hairstylist at Hair & Wellness, a salon in Bergen, Norway. “The traditional braid that works perfectly with the look is the crown-braid”. The look in itself is quite easy to achieve. According to Coucheron, the hair should be split in a side part, braided from the biggest side all around the head towards the neck and then connected into a ‘braid-bun’ in the back. “Some people even braid in a silk scarf that matches their bunad. And if you’re not good at braiding, just braid the front of the hair and spice it up with a matching bow to the outfit,” finishes Coucheron. Now, if braiding isn’t your top talent, Coucheron lists her three top tips on how to get the best braid right in time for 17.mai.