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6 fashion insiders on how to celebrate 17.mai like a Norwegian

By Sophie Axon
national day

Janka Polliani, Marianne Theodorsen, Ceval and more share their tips on navigating traditions and having a ball for Norway's National Day

Nasjonaldagen, otherwise known as 17.mai, is an official public holiday that commemorates the signing of Norway’s constitution on 17 May 1814, the day that declared the country an independent kingdom. It’s a day of historic importance, and most of all, it’s a day of togetherness.

Norway is a country that seemingly triumphs when it comes to innovation and change, but the passion and pride for Nasjonaldagen remains untouched. As alarm clocks chime on the May 17, watch as Norwegians clink Champagne glasses, enjoy copious servings of ice cream and waltz through the city under the Nordic sun. No matter the activity, the aim of the day is to fall asleep with a smile.

Here, six fashion insiders share their plans for May 17, as well as their guide to creating long-lasting treasured memories in the true Norwegian spirit.