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This is how to protect your hair in the sauna

By Fiona Embleton

Photo: Getty

So what does exposure to dry heat in the sauna mean for strands, and how can we protect ourselves?

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The dry heat from a sauna is like a balm for tense muscles and aching joints, but have you ever considered what it’s doing to your hair? The short answer is quite a lot.

On the plus side, sauna sessions rev up circulation to the skin’s surface and hair follicles. More blood means more oxygen and a richer nutrient delivery, which creates a healthy environment for hair growth. Saunas are also efficient at drawing out pollution from the pores, including those covering the scalp.

But that’s where the magic ends. Saunas are equally efficient at generating dry heat and coating strands in sweat – both of which are the perfect storm for damaged, straw-like strands. So the importance of a nourishing hair routine during and after a sauna should never be underestimated.

Here, your ultimate guide to sauna hair etiquette: