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The 5 best natural wine bars in Copenhagen for your next after work drink

By Laura Alario Avery

Photo: @ancestrale_cph

Whether you're a connoisseur or are completely wine illiterate, these bars in the Danish capital are the top places locals head to for orange wine and other 'naturvin'

Copenhagen’s growing selection of natural wine bars, which offer seasonal menus paired with intimate atmospheres, makes the Danish capital the up and coming destination for a slow and conscious wine tasting experience.


Bar owners in the city work closely with independent vineyards across Europe to curate an un-manipulated, biodynamic and sustainable wine selection for their cellars. 'Natural wines' mean the grapes have been harvested in harmony with the climate while being free from pesticides and preservatives. Because of a low-intervention approach, each bottle comes with a unique flavour and shade.

These are the bars to try an all-natural tipple in in Denmark's capital.