Inside Acne Studios' 'My Friend Magnus' book launch party

By Clare McInerney

Evin Ahmad. Photo: Vanessa Tryde

Stockholm's top creatives and cool kids came together to toast Acne Studios' man of the hour Magnus Carlsson

Muse, mood manager and DJ maestro – Magnus Carlsson has done it all within the walls of Acne Studios since the '90s. All those decades ago, his very singular sense of style caught the eye of Jonny Johansson, the Swedish brand's creative director, who quickly tapped Carlsson to curate the atmosphere of Acne Studios' showrooms and Stockholm headquarters.

Now, Johansson pays tribute to Carlsson with the release of a limited-edition book, My Friend Magnus that offers a glimpse into the distinctive fashion archive of his long-time friend. “Over the years, his vibrant personality, his taste for books, and the references he was able to uncover fuelled my inspiration and aided me in my work,” says Johansson about Carlsson.

But it's not only Johansson celebrating the contribution of Carlsson. The cream of Sweden's creative crop gathered at the altar of Acne Studios to fete the book's release and toast the man himself. Amongst the iconic marble pillars of the Stockholm flagship, Snabba Cash star Evin Ahmad mingled with model Ursula Wågander, singer/songwriter Winona Oak and actor Alva Bratt – while Carlsson kept spirits high from behind the decks.

See all the snapshots from the evening below.