Soulland - AW22

By Allyson Shiffman

For AW22, Soulland expands upon tales told throughout the brand’s history as the label looks towards a bold future

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AW22 marks the third and final chapter in a three-season trilogy of Soulland collections inspired by the resonating influence of books. This time around, creative director Silas Adler got personal, drawing on an imagined autobiography. Entitled 'Original Memory, An Autobiography' the collection tells the story of Soulland itself… maybe.

“The subject of the autobiography is not defined, and maybe it’s not important,” says Adler, cryptically. “If Soulland was a person, maybe this is Soulland writing a book about Soulland.”

At any rate, the collection expanded upon tales told throughout the brand’s history. Flora and fauna, a recurring print, are distorted, rendered in jacquards and prints and even impossible 3D fabrications. The colour palette was limited to mostly brown, burnt orange and black, allowing for an emphasised focus on silhouette and craft. A boxy knitted turtleneck vest, fashioned from recycled yarn in earthy tones, is a standout. As were the fuzzy bathrobes with matching boots.

Despite its premise, this is hardly a backwards-looking collection, but rather a meditation on the codes built by a brand that is moving boldly towards the future. Some things, meanwhile, are thoughtfully omitted. As Adler says, “Like a true autobiography, Soulland would ignore some of the mistakes that would be better forgotten.”

See the full collection below: