Discover the two up-and-coming brands set to show at Oslo Runway

By Billie Miro Breskin

Photo: Tarinii

Everything you need to know about Tarinii and Murlong Cres, the next big brands in Norway - and beyond

Since its founding in 2015, Oslo Runway has championed Norwegian designers, giving them a platform internationally as well as opening doors locally for cross-industry networking. No initiative exemplifies this mission more than their NEXT program, which highlights up-and-coming designers.


Selected brands are given the opportunity to show their collections in a dedicated runway show on Oslo Runway’s opening night in August. Not only will 300 invited guests be the first to see these collections (this year at the historic Grand Hotel), but the looks will also be shown in the Oslo Runway Talent Showroom. The brands will also become mentees to industry experts, gain membership to the Norwegian Fashion Hub, and be trained in circular design principles. In short, it’s a life-changing experience that has the potential to launch these already-blossoming brands in earnest.

Read on to discover the two NEXT program brands set to show their collections at Oslo Runway on August 26th this year.


Photo: Tarinii

Tarinii Martinsen began her namesake brand with a focus on sustainability and a desire to subvert and reinvent menswear. With all pieces made from deadstock materials and recycled fabrics, Tarinii is a truly conscious brand. While labelled as “menswear,” Tarinii garments are for everyone, their impeccable tailoring and groovy colourways harkening back to 1970s androgyny. This August marks the brand’s second appearance as a NEXT program pick (brands can be featured a maximum of twice), and we can’t wait to see what Martinsen brings to the table for her second year in a row.

Murlong Cres

Photo: Murlong Cres

After Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk wore the brand last spring, Murlong Cres became the name on everybody’s lips. Seeing how the brand’s creative DNA had led to rapid growth, the NEXT program committee (which is made up of Norwegian industry leaders from diverse fields) were eager to see more. Murlong Cres defines itself as a slow fashion brand, always leading with an ethical approach. The brand’s signature Elsa dress is representative of these goals, joining accessible luxury with sustainable materials to create a timeless, romantic style. This August, we can expect even more dreamy designs from the young brand.