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The 5 best vintage stores in Oslo

By Rawdah Mohamed

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Where to find the best second hand and vintage items in Norway's capital

Vintage shopping is a way of creating a dream wardrobe, allowing you to have carefully curated pieces that are key to identifying your personal style. Each piece is of significant value to you, and strengthening your self expression. It offers the opportunity to own garments that have a long span of life, with the possibility of maintaining a sustainable wardrobe without compromising style and the identity. You need not be too concerned of missing out on trends, as we all know everything comes back in to fashion. It might just be that you are be ahead of your time.


With that being said we've rounded up the best vintage stores in Oslo for you to start adding to your cyclical wardrobe:


This boutique in Norway has a 'recycled concept' with an overall goal of zero waste. Prislos are known for writing the garment's story on notes attached to each and every piece. So you can truly understand the lifecycle of the clothes you are buying. In addition to offering vintage clothing they also arrange events to promote living an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Øvre Slottsgate 6