Exclusive: Nuria Val's Icelandic photo diary

By Isabella Rose Davey

Photographer and Rowse co-founder Nuria Val, captures the beauty of Iceland – and special moments with Reykjavik creatives – in a special photo diary for Vogue Scandinavia

Beauty brand Rowse – co-founded by photographer Nuria Val – has a long-held fascination with the Nordics, stemming from Val's own fixation on the magic and mystery the region holds. And with Rowse founded on the ethos of ‘plant-based beauty with a purpose’, the focus on nature (as well as the importance of uplifting natural beauty) the brand has found a perfect audience in Scandinavia.


Val also has an inherent love of Nordic style and design, and has seamlessly integrated within its creative community. She's been a prominent presence at Copenhagen Fashion Week for many years, and as covered by Vogue Scandinavia, opted to wear Danish designer Cecilie Bahnsen for her recent wedding.

So when it came to organise a special activation and winter campaign for Rowse, a sojourn to Iceland seemed obvious. Having visited Iceland many times for both personal photographic projects and special brand campaigns, Nuria knows the landscape better than many. Her sincere appreciation for nature drove the desire to return to one of the most mesmerising natural phenomena on the planet.

The trip encompassed a campaign shoot and a special event for the creative community of Reykjavik within the enclave of curated design destination Norr 11. Staying at the exceptional Edition Reykjavik, where the stunning view across the harbour was amplified by the beauty of the sun spilling into the rooms at dawn each morning, Val toted her camera across the capital – and to the surrounding geysers – to capture the brilliance of the landscape in a special photo diary for Vogue Scandinavia.

As shown here in behind-the-scenes moments, the winter Rowse campaign was shot in the natural hot spring of Hvammisk, the small pools set into a calm bay with majestic surrounding mountains frosted with snow.

For the special event with Norr11 Reykjavik, a workshop and aperitif welcomed the creative class of the capital, including the likes of Favourite magazine’s fashion director Ellen Lofts, Rowse campaign model Hulda Katarina, RVKRitual founders Dagný Gísladóttir and Eva Dögg Rúnarsdóttir, model Inga Eiriksdottir and founder of Swimslow Erna Bergmann.

The event focused on the importance of mindfulness in today's hectic lifestyles, and the supreme value a strong collaborative community can hold. Capturing the trip as a special diary for Vogue Scandinavia, the relationship between Val, Rowse and the Nordic community became ever closer with the focus on shared values and celebrating the natural wonders that surround the Nordics.

See all the snapshots from Val's photo diary below: