5 nail trends to try in 2024, according to an expert

By Josefin Forsberg

Hailey Bieber is one of the big nail trendsetters of 2023. Photo: @haileybieber

Don't know what manicure to ask for during your first nail appointment of the year? Vogue Scandinavia sits down with Celina Rydén – Swedish nail artist, influencer and founder of buzzy press-on brand Switch Nails – to find out. Here, she lists her top five nail trends to try in 2024


The gradient 'aura' nails

Originating in nail salons and swiftly gaining viral fame on social media, 'aura' nails have caught our attention with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Lizzo, Megan Fox, and Dua Lipa tapping the trend. This unique nail art features a central colour that seamlessly gradients into a different hue towards the edges. "We've seen it emerge in bolder colours, making it more psychedelic," says Celina Rydén.

'Aura' nails or 'Blush' nails sees a gradient from lighter to darker colour emanating from the centre of the nails. Photo: Cerise (@glossytipped)

Then there's the trend's softer sibling, 'blush' nails. “'Blush' nails are similar to 'aura' nails, only it uses nudes and pinks. I leans more towards the 'clean girl' aesthetic and are perfect if you're looking for something more neutral,” says Rydén.

The accessibility of this trend adds to its appeal, as it can be easily created at home using regular nail polish and an eyeshadow palette according to Rydén. Apply a base colour and then dab eyeshadow in the centre of the nail with a sponge applicator before blending towards the edges and finishing with a top coat. “I really hope to see more people dare to try 'aura' nails in 2024.”


3D and metallic nails

In 2024, we should look for metallic manicures with a futuristic glow, according to Rydén. "It has been gaining popularity, and we're seeing traditional metal nails everywhere," says Rydén. "Maybe it is part of the millennium trend," she ponders.

Photo: Celina Rydén

While metallic shades, particularly luminescent silvers, are set to dominate the nail art scene, Rydén thinks we should look for more expressive ways to tap into the trend in 2024. “I want people to try more dynamic details, like 'jelly art',” she says. This technique, where the gel is built up on the nails, is something Rydén “definitely wants to see more of,” highlighting the growing appeal of texture and structure in designs.

Rydén may favour metallics regarding her raised 3D designs. Still, she notes that a similar effect can be achieved with a clear gel for those who prefer a more muted manicure. One final word of warning: Don't attempt this trend at home. “Because it requires specific kinds of gel, it is best to head to the salon,” says Rydén.


The 'lip gloss' nails

Following in the footsteps of 'clean girl' makeup and glass skin, 'lipgloss' nails is a trend that will “live on in 2024,” according to Rydén. “It should feel hyper natural and super glossy with minimal details, maybe a micro or skinny French tip.”

Photo: Melanie Graves (@overglowedit)


Go crazy for 'glazed' pastels

The essence of this 'clean girl' nail trend lies in its subtlety. Nails are kept neat, with a focus on health and a well-groomed appearance. The colours used are usually neutral, promoting a clean, polished look. The finish: high shine. Preferably achieved with a thick, glossy top coat.

Go beyond milky whites and neutral bases when trying the 'glazed' trend in 2024. Photo: Melanie Graves (@overglowedit)

Rewind to 2016, when chrome powders first came onto the market. “I was at a U.S. trade show, and it became the buzziest product there, selling out in hours,” says Rydén. “And this was before Hailey Bieber got her hands on it.”

Popularised by Bieber and her 'glazed doughnut' nails, this pearlescent look is probably the most popular nail trend of 2023. And, if we ask Rydén, it is going nowhere in 2024. However, for 2024, Rydén wants us to think outside the (neutral) box and adopt new hues when asking for glazed nails. “Yes, you can, of course, still wear nude glazed nails, or maybe try a trendy brown shade or add chrome onto a French manicure,” she says. “But I want to see pastels and a rainbow of shimmer, especially as the seasons change and spring peeks its head.”


Tangerine orange or denim blue nails

Rydén's last trend to try is maybe a bit unconventional. “I think people should look at unusual colours in 2024. Wild cards,” she says. “My choice falls on tangerine orange.” Really, any shade of citrus should be given a go if you ask Rydén. “Yellow and orange just exude happiness,” she says.

Photo: Stefanie (@polished_yogi)

If you're not one for sunny shades, denim blue may be your hue. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, denim nails are incredibly adaptable, and depending on your preference, they can range from soft, washed-out blues to deep, rich indigo.