Reverse tips, 'glass' manicures and Bieber's citrus shades: 30 nail trends to try this summer

By Josefin Forsberg

Hailey Bieber is one of the big nail trendsetters of 2024. Photo: Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber)

Pondering potential manicures for your next nail appointment? Might we suggest dashes of daring colour, dainty florals and three designs inspired by Hailey Bieber? Below, discover Vogue Scandinavia's ultimate list of the top nail trends to try in 2024

What are the popular nail colours for summer 2024?

Cobalt blue is set to make a splash this summer, promising a bold, eye-catching look perfect for any sun-soaked adventure​. For those into a zesty pop of colour, citrus shades like vibrant oranges and yellows bring a burst of vacation energy to your nails. Greens are in, too — from refreshing matcha to deep forest hues. Meanwhile, lilac adds a soft, feminine touch to our rotation at the salon. If you’re into a futuristic vibe, chrome and metallic shades — think soft pinks and shimmering silvers — are here to keep you looking out of this world.
If you’re a fan of the clean girl lifestyle with vanilla vibes, you'll be delighted to know that milky white is the ultimate go-to. It effortlessly pairs with any outfit, ensuring your manicure always looks fresh​​. And for those perfect beachy vibes, sandy beige nails are the way to go.

What nail shapes are trending in 2024? Are pointy nails still popular?

In 2024, the nail industry is taking a nostalgic turn as short, square manicures appear a cut above the rest. Popularised by Victoria Beckham in the early 2000s, this neatly trimmed style has returned triumphantly as the year's most sought-after shape. Whether complementing your glass skin with glossy nails or infusing a burst of colour into a classic cut, square nails offer an ideal canvas for creativity.

If you wouldn't be caught dead with short nails, another shape gaining popularity is the coffin — or ballerina — nail. Characterised by its long length, straight sides, and flat tip, this dramatic shape is a celebrity favourite.

Are Hailey Bieber's 'glazed donut' nails still trendy in 2024?

Hailey Bieber’s 'glazed donut' nails are still a hot ticket in 2024, keeping things sweet, sleek, and oh-so-shiny! This year, the trend is getting a fresh twist as pastels replace the classic pearlescent whites, adding a modern spin to this beloved style – From lavender to citrus hues, the glazed look is more versatile than ever. It's simple: Bieber's donut-inspired nails are the icing on our 2024 manicure trend cake.

Where should I look for nail art inspiration?

In 2024, nail art inspiration is thriving with a variety of fresh and exciting trends. If you're looking to stay ahead in the nail game, or want a more curated take than Pinterest can provide, scroll on to discover Vogue Scandinavia's favourite nail trends to try this summer:


Viral 'aura' nails

Photo: @beauty_byhollie_

Originating in nail salons and quickly gaining viral fame on social media, 'aura' nails have captured our attention, with celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Lizzo, Megan Fox, and Dua Lipa embracing the trend. This nail art style features a central colour that seamlessly gradients into a different hue towards the edges. It's easy to recreate at home using regular nail varnish and an eyeshadow palette. Simply apply a base colour, dab eyeshadow in the centre of the nail, blend it outwards, and finish with a top coat.

For those who prefer a more neutral aesthetic, there's the trend's softer sibling: 'blush' nails. Using the same technique as 'aura' nails, 'blush' nails employ muted hues of nudes and pinks instead of vivid shades.


3D nail designs

Photo: Celina Rydén

In 2024, nail art is all about embracing 3D elements that make your manicure pop. Known as 'Jelly art', the technique sees salon-grade gel built up on the nails to create texture and structure. While metallic shades, especially luminescent silvers, are set to lead the trend, you can also achieve the effects with clear coats for a more understated look.


Cobalt blue nails

Photo: @iramshelton

Are you, like us, keen on Klein? This vivid blue has washed away the soft pinks and neutrals of yesteryear, taking over runway shows and making waves on social media. It's simple – cobalt blue is the must-try hue this summer.


Go crazy for 'glazed' pastels

Photo: Melanie Graves (@overglowedit)

Popularised by Hailey Bieber and her 'glazed doughnut' nails, this pearlescent look was probably the most popular nail trend of 2023 – and it is going nowhere in 2024. However, this year, we're thinking outside of the (neutral) box, adopting fresh hues when asking for glazed nails at the salon. Whether a glazed espresso nude (Anyone up for chocolate glazed donuts?) or pastels with a rainbow of shimmer, the options are endless.


Tangerine orange

Photo: Stefanie (@polished_yogi)

Tangerine nails are the tropical cocktail of 2024's manicure trends, bringing a burst of vibrant zest to your fingertips. A sunny summer shade, this juicy hue pairs beautifully with almond-shaped nails – almost as beautifully as an ice-cold Aperol with a ripe orange peel.


Neon green festival nails

Photo: Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber)

Hailey Bieber's neon green nails are lighting up the festival scene in 2024. Created by celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt – like most of Bieber's covetable manicures – for the model's Coachella stint, her luminescent nails added an electrifying element to her rave-ready ensemble. The radioactive finish is easy to replicate at home for your own music rodeo – all you need is OPI GelColors in shades "No Faux Yellow" and "Green Come True," with a touch of glow-in-the-dark powder.


Brie Larson's crystal Met Gala nails

Photo: @ashlie_johnson

Sporting a soft lilac shade with showstopping Swarovski crystal appliques to this year's Met Gala, Brie Larson (just like her character in Lessons in Chemistry) had the recipe for success, nailing not one but two manicure trends.


Flower garden nails

Photo: @betina_goldstein

(, it is safe to say that dainty, delicate flowers have made it into the most popular nail art designs of 2024. With Hailey Bieber debuting [cherry blossom nails]. To really let the florals flourish, we suggest opting for a milky white or 'glass' nail base.


Tin-Man chrome nails

Photo: @caseynails

In pursuit of a metal manicure this year? Then silver should top your colour chart. Not only do we suggest this specific shade of precious alloy, but we implore you to oil up your finish evoking tin-man levels of mirror shine.


Summer red

Photo: @emilyroselansley

It's true: red is intrinsically linked to Christmas. That said, there are certain fiery shades the feel red hot for summer. Just think about swaying poppy fields, 'Tomato-girl' vacations and the orange-red shade of an Aperol. Naturally, we want our nails to match.


Milk nails

Photo: @emilyroselansley

We've gone through espresso, matcha and more. The next drink we're planning to milk for all it's worth when it comes to our manicures is, well, milk. White and creamy, with a semi-translucent finish, they're best rendered short and square for a dash of sophistication.


Hailey Bieber's cherry nails

Photo: @haileybieber

Just like flowers, fruits have found their way into the pantheon of nail trends to try in 2024 thanks to Hailey Bieber. Embodying summer, the model sported pale yellow French tips with punctuated by an impossibly cute cherry design while lounging in the sun.


Kylie Jenner's Aurora Borealis nails

Photo: @kyliejenner

Whether intentional or not, Kylie Jenner recently gave the Nordics a nod with her nails. The manicure's shimmering, shifting shades of deep purples, blues, vibrant greens and pinks were reminiscent of the northern lights. All things considered, it's a natural phenomenon in its own right that we're rushing to the nail salon for an Aurora Borealis manicure.


Reverse pastel tips

Photo: @rebeccajadewilson

If you only ever wear neutral nails but is keen to get your hands on some colour, reverse French tips with a pastel pop may be just the thing for you. A word of warning, just like your roots, the regrowth phase may be awkward.


(Sur)realist nail art

Photo: @emilyroselansley

A duck grazing on your thumb or a serving of fried eggs on your fingernails? Hyper-realistic nail art with the hint of the surreal has a certain Loewe-air about them. While quirky, we've found them surprisingly wearable.


Fresh water pearl nails

Photo: @emilyroselansley

Who wouldn't want their nails to feel as precious as fresh water pearls? Iridescent and semi-transluscent, we suggest you elevate the look with a pearl appliqué or two.


Hailey Bieber's citrus nails

Photo: Hailey Biber (@haileybieber)

A recurring character in the world of popular nail designs, Hailey Bieber's take on the summer's citrus trend leans towards lemon. Rather than a juicy citrus yellow, Bieber brings an unripe green hint to her zesty shade.


Lime green limelight nails

Photo: @emilyroselansley

Limelight nails are not for the faint of heart, especially not when rendered in lime green. Lining the whole nail with colour, limelight nails combines both reverse and French tips to leave the centre of the nail bare.


Crystal applique nails

Photo: @emilyroselansley

Appliqués have experienced a recent renaissance after their last stint in the early 2010s. For 2024, however, we're working with sleek crystals rather than 'Kawaii' characters.


Watercolour nails

Photo: @betina_goldstein

Soft, blended, and utterly ethereal, watercolour manicures are the perfect way to embrace your artistic side this summer. Choose from a palette of mouthwatering sorbet shades and watch them melt together on your nails, creating a dreamy effect that's perfect for the season.


Amber jelly nails

Photo: @betina_goldstein

Originating from Japan, jelly nails are still somewhat elusive in Scandinavia. But if you find a manicurist with the right tools for the job, we implore you to try this see-through trend in an amber shade.


Pale pink half-moon nails

Photo: @caseynails

Are you still not over ballet core? Then pale pink half-moon nails – featuring a soft pink crescent shape at the base of the nail – is a subtly coquettish way to elevate your ballerina shaped manicure.


Checkerboard nails

Photo: @emilyroselansley

The best way to kick off summer right is with the nail art equivalent of a Queens Gambit. In fact, once you try checkerboard nails – whether in stark black and white or more fun colourful combinations – it could be your manicure check mate.


Greta Lee's nude illusion nails

Photo: @jolene.b.nails

Sometimes simplicity is the most impactful choice. Never mind the fact that a nude illusion nail is arguably one of the hardest trends to get right, with every potential flaw in your manicure on full display.


The classic french almond tip

Photo: @nailsbyzola

French tip nails is the kind of trend that keeps puttering under the surface, coming in and out of fashion but never truly going out of style. For 2024, we envision our modern take on this trend almond shaped and dramatically long.


Zoë Kravitz apple green manicure

Photo: @caseynails

A-core-ding to Zöe Kravitz, it seems apple green is the most a-peeling colour for the summer. Puns aside, this fruitful colour is a fresh pick that promises an apple-solutely fabulous manicure.


Sheer jelly shimmer nails

Photo: @betina_goldstein

Again, jelly nails are hard to achieve. But if we hereto try to replicate them at home with see-through press-ons, a sheer layer of shimmer is bound to cover any unwanted mistake in our manicure.


Sydney Sweeney's rose appliqué nails

Photo: @nailsbyzola

Deciding on what appliqués to use can be a thorny choice, but we're sure Sidney Sweeney's white roses – sweetly set on a beige base – are bound to grow on you.


'Glass' nails

Photo: @emilyroselansley

Rise and shine, glass skin girls: It's crystal clear that the glossy trend has made its way onto our nails for 2024. It's time to invest in a thick top coat.


Lilac shade like Andra Day

Photo: @jolene.b.nails

Lilac it or not, lavender is having a moment after singer Andra Day sported the colour with a top-to-toe purple look.