Video: In the makeup chair with Rebecca Ferguson

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

“It needs to look like I’ve been surfing or had a lot of sex” the actor and Vogue Scandinavia cover star says of her ideal beauty look

You know her as Lady Jessica of the Dune franchise and M16 agent Ilsa Faust of Mission: Impossible – amongst countless other major on-screen appearances – but here, Swedish actor Rebecca Ferguson chats with Vogue Scandinavia as her fresh-faced, wise-cracking self. Perched in the makeup chair for her cover shoot for the June-July issue, on a sun-drenched day in the Stockholm archipelago, we get to know the beauty hacks and preferences of the radiant red carpet regular.

Ever wondered how long it took to complete Ferguson's full face of tattoos on-set for Dune? Or what kind of DIY hair disasters she's experienced in her lifetime? Hit play below to watch the full video and get the low-down from Ferguson herself.

Video by Margarita Sheremet
Video Assistant: Kimberly Renfors
Interview by Allyson Shiffman
Talent: Rebecca Ferguson