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Miriam Bryant celebrates nostalgia in this exclusive live performance

By Doris Daga

Six select super-fans experienced Miriam Bryant's new chart-topping album in an exclusive performance arranged by the Swedish singer in collaboration with Vogue Scandinavia

In collaboration with Zalando


The holidays are here, and with it comes the time to celebrate. And celebrating is just what is on Zalando's mind. The retailer's new Christmas campaign fronted by Swedish pop star Miriam Bryant has dropped, and this dynamic duo is teaming up to bring back joy.

Partnering with Zalando, Vogue Scandinavia raffled out six limited tickets to super-fans of Bryant to experience an exclusive live performance of a few selected songs from her chart-topping new album, PS. I hate you (PS Jag hatar dig). The performance, which live streamed on Vogue Scandinavia's Instagram on Monday, from the iconic Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, the recording studio favoured by ABBA during the 1970s.

"I just started doing live concerts again," Bryant explains. "It's always lovely to meet the people who supports you, that's what is amazing about these things. It feels inhumane not to play live music."

As part of the campaign, the winners were all asked to share their favourite memories with the Vogue Scandinavia team. With the holidays around the corner, Bryant reminisce on her own favourite festive memory. "Three years ago I celebrated Christmas in Boden, Sweden, and it was the typical Scandinavian winter, three metres of snow, a sauna, and I went for an ice swim. It was a winter wonderland."

Whether it’s the nostalgia of family gatherings, connecting with old friends, or spending precious time with that special someone, this season Zalando celebrates the essence of togetherness with its #JoyIsOurs campaign. As we are beginning to see the return of live music for the first time since the start of the global pandemic, Miriam Bryant is bringing us the joy with in-person concerts. As a long-time ambassador for Zalando, her efforts are very much appreciated during the darkest hours in the Scandinavian winter – a time that can use some festive cheer.

As a part of our Vogue Scandinavia Sounds series, this live performance will mark a turning point for IRL performances, with a live audience to experience that special magic that only music can create.

Zalando’s holiday campaign with the dazzling Miriam Bryant is a win for music, and a win for the joy that is ours.