Meet the 7 ‘babygirl’ men of Scandinavia

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Jesper Brandt

We bless you with our edit of the Nordics' most ‘babygirl’ men – eye candy guaranteed

They’re not afraid to make fashion statements or bend the gender rules. And not only are they drop-dead gorgeous, but they are also charismatic to the point where they’ve become universally loved and adored. These are some of the definitions of a ‘babygirl man,’ a trending title ascribed to certified international heartthrobs – think Jacob Elordi, Harry Styles, and Timothée Chalamet.


However, you don’t need to cast your gaze abroad to find these gems, as our region boasts its very own line-up of ‘babygirl’ men to swoon over. Below, we take a closer look at those from the Nordics who have made the cut – many of whom have graced the pages of Vogue Scandinavia in all their ‘babygirl’ glory. You're welcome!


Photo: Noah Agemo

Victor Leksell

26-year-old Swedish artist Victor Leksell certainly possesses that ‘babygirl’ je ne sais quoi. Just ask his 160,000 doting followers or the countless fans who flock to festivals and concerts to sway and sing along to his pop ballads, which have garnered tens of millions of streams on Spotify. In addition to his skyrocketing music career, Leksell has established himself as a style aficionado to watch, sporting carefully curated ensembles that often feature hip, emerging designers or our homegrown brands.


Photo: Jimmy Linus

Casper Ruud

Who could forget when the Norwegian tennis sensation Casper Ruud appeared in a steamy editorial in Vogue Scandinavia’s February-March 2023 issue? The history-making athlete, who counts Rafael Nadal as a close friend, is not only exceptional in his sport but also exudes a great, down-to-earth vibe. In fact, Ruud’s captivating charm and prolific success, also known as ‘The Casper Ruud Effect,’ inspired a never-before-seen phenomenon in Norway, where tennis became the fastest-growing sport in the country.


Photo: Eivind Hamran

Herman Tømmeraas

Norwegian actor Herman Tømmeraas has had us glued to our screens many times since he first emerged on our radar as one of the stars of the smash-hit show Skam. His leading roles in the popular Ragnarok series and American-Norwegian horror flick Leave have further cemented his niche of playing the hot 'bad boy' type, and we’re here for it. Off-duty, the endearing, boy-next-door Tømmeraas is just as charismatic as he is on the silver screen.

Gustav Lindh by Ninja Hanna

Photo: Ninja Hanna

Gustav Lindh

Swedish rising talent Gustav Lindh exploded into public consciousness with his role as Thorir the Proud in the 2022 epic revenge thriller The Northman, starring opposite industry heavyweights like Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård. Since then, the 28-year-old actor has enjoyed his time in the limelight, nabbing more coveted roles in productions like The Promised Land and Faithless. With his minimal social media presence and rare interviews (like the one for Vogue Scandinavia), Lindh obtains a certain, alluring aura of enigma.


Sequin embroidered jacket, price upon request. Long sleeve shirt, worn underneath, price upon request. Sequin embroidered trousers, price upon request. All Louis Vuitton. Leather python imitation boots, €415. Eytys. Photo: Jesper Brandt

Edvin Ryding

This list wouldn’t be complete without *Young Royals* star Edvin Ryding (and his co-star Omar, but more on him later), who has captured the hearts of many in Scandinavia and beyond with his portrayal of the sweet Prince Wilhelm of Sweden. The mega-popular teen drama shot all of its leading actors into instant stardom and made 20-year-old Ryding an enduring crush for girls and boys across the globe. Amassing over two million followers on Instagram today, Ryding’s feed is an artful mix of work stuff and fashion-forward outfit snaps, further solidifying his status as a bonafide 'babygirl' man.


Omar wears: Embroidered jacket, €1,900. Organza shirt, worn underneath, price on request. Organza vest, worn underneath, price on request, Embroidered trousers, price on request. All Louis Vuitton. Handmade gold-plated necklace, €465, Handmade silver earring, €130. Both Maria Nilsdotter. 18k white gold ring, €3,600. Cartier. Leather boots, €730. Acne Studios. Photo: Jesper Brandt

Omar Rudberg

Like Ryding, his fellow Young Royals cast mate (and love interest in the series) Omar Rudberg is responsible for the Belieber-esque phenomenon that swept the world when Young Royals first aired. Rudberg, who plays kind and caring Simon in the show, is also a singer, his catchy pop tunes accumulating millions of plays on Spotify. The 25-year-old, who dabbles in modelling and just launched his brand OMR Beauty, isn’t afraid to be adventurous regarding his personal style, and we love him for it.


Merino wool shirt. Stylist’s own. Metallic trousers, €270, Patterned chaps, €200. Both Nikolaj Storm. 14k gold necklace with fresh pearls, €3,956. Sophie Bille Brahe. Photo: Petra Kleis

Tobias Rahim

There’s something extraordinary about Danish-Kurdish musician Tobias Rahim. Maybe it’s his raw yet infectious, romance-oozing pop tracks or his playful and magnetic personality that shines through his feature in the latest issue of Vogue Scandinavia. Being unapologetically himself, the last few years have seen Rahim evolve into a sort of sex symbol, his electrifying persona extending far beyond the stage. We also applaud Rahim for his distinctive sense of style; most of his wardrobe seemingly consists of fringed vests, cowboy hats, mesh tops, and heavy jewellery.