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“We have to work together against the online hate that is spreading”: Kim Waller on making the physical and digital world safe

By Eliza Sörman Nilsson
he Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofias foundation

Photo: Getty

The Prince Couple Foundation’s secretary general, Kim Waller, has spent her career listening and strengthening the voice of the youth. For her, the smallest voice can make the biggest difference

“My career has been like a megaphone,” laughs Kim Waller, secretary general of the Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation. “I wouldn't say that I am the megaphone. I would say that the organisations I’ve worked for are the megaphones.”

We’re sitting opposite each other in the Vogue Scandinavia office discussing her career, which for nearly two decades has been dedicated to giving the youth a very loud voice. “It's about the next generation. It's so shortsighted to think we can make decisions today and think we’re the only ones who have to live with them because we’re not,” she says earnestly. In the few minutes we’ve been speaking, I can see she is whip-smart and extremely passionate. While she’s pretty and petite, the mum of three is no wallflower. She knows there are issues going on in the world and she’s not afraid to make change. Her catalyst for betterment is something business and powerful people often overlook - children.