Discover the unique Nordic locations we travelled to for issue 15

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Lana Ohrimenko

In line with our undying love of the outdoors, every issue of Vogue Scandinavia sees our team travel to far-flung corners of the Nordics to capture breathtaking editorials amongst nature. Here, we round up six of the stand-out Scandinavian locations where the latest December-January issue was shot

At Vogue Scandinavia, we know there's no greater shoot location than nature. Nothing enhances an image more than the Scandinavian outdoors, and nothing illuminates better than incredible natural light of our region. Our latest issue is a case in point, with many of the photoshoot locations sprinkled across the Nordics in truly one-of-a-kind locales,


Ahead, we’ll take you on a tour of the most unique Scandinavian locations featured in our December-January issue.


Norefjell, Norway

As our latest issue’s cover stars are Norwegian and Oslo-based, it was given that we would shoot the cover story there. It-girls Marianne Theodorsen, Nina Sandbech, Janka Polliani and Darja Barannik were captured amidst the mountains in Norefjell, around a 90-minute drive from Oslo. Deep green forests, rugged peaks and glistening lakes characterise the landscape, providing unique surroundings for the unmissable editorial.

During warmer months, Norefjell is a popular destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and the breathtaking mountain views are definitely something to experience upon visiting the area. During the winter, Norefjell transforms into a popular ski resort, where one can practise all sorts of winter sports, from cross-country skiing to snowboarding.

Nina and Darja Barannik captured in Norefjell. Nina wears: Pins embroidered wool jacket, €6,200. Alaïa. Legwarmers. Stylist’s own. Darja wears: Oversized leather blazer, €1,870, High-waisted leather trousers, €1,450. Both The Attico. 18k gold plated chain necklace, €1,279. Tom Wood. Photo: Arran & Jules

Marianne Theodorsen. Wearing: Sequin and crystal embroidered silk dress, €15,800, Creased-effect cotton duchess bra, €1,300, Creased-effect cotton duchess underwear, €1,050, Leather gloves, €990. All Dior. Wool scarf, €245. Aeyde. Knitted socks, €24. Falke. Rubber and leather boots, €320. Roa. Photo: Arran & Jules


Bernstorff Gardens, Denmark

For this issue, we also ventured to Gentofte, a district in Copenhagen’s northern suburbs. There, at the lush Bernstorff Gardens, we shot Danish mother-daughter powerhouse duo Sophia and Louise Roe. It’s a place that holds a special place in their hearts, as it’s also where the Roe family home is situated. Captured through the lens of photographer Paw Gissel, the pair sports a carefully curated selection of garments that Sophia hand-picked herself.

You might notice that the park has a certain regal air to it, and that’s because there is a literal palace nestled among the greenery. Called Bernstorff Palace, the site was built in the middle of the 18th century for Foreign Minister Count Johann Hartwig Ernst von Bernstorff. In the mid-1800s, King Christian IX of Denmark bought the palace. Today, regular folks can book a beautiful stay in the treasured building.

Louise and Sophia Roe. Louise wears: Suit jacket, €1,670, Button-up shirt, €395, Suit trousers, €725. All MaxMara. Sophia wears Cashmere and wool coat, Knitted culottes, Leather boots, €980. All MaxMara. Photo: Paw Gissel


Torö, Stockholm’s archipelago

Sweden’s many sprawling archipelagos provide an unmatched setting for our shoots – remember our dreamy digital cover story featuring Scandi It-girl Matilda Djerf? This time, we headed to the picturesque Stockholm archipelago, more specifically the island of Torö, where photographer Frederik Lieberath immortalised iconic Swedish designer Stig Lindberg’s pieces against a moody backdrop. The twilight hour and majestic, algae-covered rocks worked perfectly with Lindberg’s earthy-toned design classics.

The ‘Gunnel’ carpet is named after Stig’s wife, who originally wove it. “She was a very talented textile artist in her own right,” says their son Lars Dueholm-Lindberg. According to Lars, this specific textile was created as a private wedding gift to Stig’s brother and his brother’s wife in the 1930s and was never taken into formal production until now. ‘Gunnel’ wool rug, €2,490. Stig Lindberg x Layered. Photo: Frederik Lieberath


Heather Hill, Denmark

There’s something extra special about images that combine gorgeous garments with enchanting nature. It certainly makes a fashion editorial come alive, adding to the storytelling of the feature. For our ’24 Hour Party People’ fashion story captured by Lana Ohrimenko, the windswept locale of Heather Hill added that final touch that tied the editorial together. Located on the north coast of the island of Zealand, Heather Hill is situated in Tisvilde – a sleepy seaside town with lots of scenic spots on offer. Our fashion shoot took place at the windy and verdant environment, where, in true Nordic style, opulent sequins and lace were paired with chunky knits, puffer jackets and humble hoodies.

Oversized sequin embroidered wool pullover. Valentino. T-shirt, worn underneath, €89. Calvin Klein. Maxi satin skirt, €1,190. Ann Demeulemeester. Vintage Converse. Stylist’s own. Photo: Lana Ohrimenko

Jersey hoodie, €895. Dolce & Gabbana. Evening gown embellished with sequins and crystals. Valentino. Underwear, €45. Cdlp. Sneakers, €129. Adidas. Photo: Lana Ohrimenko


Dalarna, Sweden

For the magazine’s unique story ‘Our Daily Bread’, we travelled to the historical province of Dalarna, central Sweden. There, novelist Elin Unnes delves into the tradition and taste of a classic Swedish daily crispbread delight, knekkebrød. Through the images we get a peek inside the Skedvi factory, which is amongst the oldest crispbread factories around. Also included is a glimpse of the stunning, inherently Nordic views surrounding the factory.

Photo: Kristian Bengtsson

Photo: Kristian Bengtsson


Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

Although Danish pop star Tobias Rahim had some initial hesitations about the location for his Vogue debut, the outcome ensured that any doubts disappeared. Shot by Petra Kleis at the Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, which was built in the 17th century as the residence of King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway, the ultra-maximalist, ornate and palatial interiors of the castle perfectly play into Rahim’s powerful presence.

Custom-made cape, €650. Jerome Studio. Trousers. Soeren Le Schmidt. Matte leather mules, €795. Balenciaga. Photo: Petra Kleis

Merino wool shirt. Stylist’s own. Metallic trousers, €270, Patterned chaps, €200. Both Nikolaj Storm. 14k gold necklace with fresh pearls, €3,956. Sophie Bille Brahe. Photo: Petra Kleis

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