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“Being sexualised is not a bad thing”: Danish-Kurdish pop sensation Tobias Rahim is about to go global

By Allyson Shiffman

Hooded maxi cashmere coat, €5,900, Flared denim trousers, €950, Jersey t-shirt, €565, Matte leather mules, €795. All Balenciaga. Photo: Petra Kleis

In Denmark, Tobias Rahim is inescapable. His catchy pop tunes, populated with quirky, emotionally raw lyrics, blare through speakers in taxi cabs, at nightclubs, afterworks and afterparties. At six-foot-seven, often wearing a cowboy hat or fringed vest, the Kurdish-Danish 33-year-old has captured the heart of his homeland. Now, with a co-sign from the New York Times and a growing fanbase across the Nordics, Rahim is poised to go global, becoming a full-fledged international pop star, whether he’s ready or not