Watch fashion's favourite Norwegians go head-to-head in a Vogue game show: Who will win?

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

The four cover stars of our December - January issue are in it to win it – and the fashion stakes are high

Our latest cover story celebrates the camaraderie and companionship of Oslo's four favourite fashion powerhouses, Marianne Theodorsen, Janka Polliani, Darja Barannik and Nina Sandbech. While they present a united front as each other's biggest supporters when navigating the fashion circuit, all of that changed when we pitted the It-girls against each other for a Vogue Scandinavia game show.


The rules? Draw a card, read the question, answer truthfully or put on a horrific item of clothing from the nearby rack (for these women, a true punishment).

Hit play below to find out which cover star came out on top.

Directed by Ole Martin Halvorsen
Talents : Marianne Theodorsen, Janka Polliani, Darja Barannik, Nina Sandbech
DoP : Jarl Robert Kristiansen
B-Cam : Sture Nordhagen
Sound : Eero Kujala
Stylist : Amelie Langenskiöld
Make up Artist & Hair Stylist : Hina Suleman @ Style Management
Stylist Assistant : Alva Brosten @ Style Management
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Assistant : Dominika Langbråten
Location: Gem Studio
Special thanks to : Prisløs in Oslo and