The 6 haircuts that will be trending in 2024, according to industry experts

By Josefin Forsberg

As we're heading into a new year, it comes as no surprise that we're itching for change. The easiest way to achieve this? A new haircut. Here, Vogue Scandinavia taps two of Sweden's leading hairdressers to find out which chops we'll be getting in 2024


Long live the bob

While the bob has never really gone away, 2023 was the year it emerged as the fashion industry's chop of choice. From Elsa Hosk forgoing her mermaid waves for a chic crop during Couture Week, to a full beauty feature dedicated to the perennial cut in the printed pages of Vogue Scandinavia – the impact of the bob was hard to ignore. It is also the cut that prominent Stockholm hair dresser Robert Preston and Björn Axéns' artistic director Jack Lawrence pinpoint as enduring in 2024.


"Interest in shorter lengths has grown over the past year," notes Preston. "Hailey Bieber's sleek classic bob sparked a lot of interest." The best part is there are so many versions to choose from: curly bobs or cropped bobs with butterfly layers. The 'French' bob or the 'Italian' bob. Lawrence, however, says next year will be all about the 'LOB' – the long bob. "The long bob is versatile and suits all face shapes," he says. "The classic bob has survived and is still one of the most popular hairstyles. In 2024, however, we see a modern twist on this timeless look, with asymmetrical cuts and textures that give a more relaxed and playful feel."

Chanel SS24.

As for Preston, he taps the 'Baroque Bob' as his bob of choice for 2024. "Baroque-inspired curls add a sense of opulence," he says, noting how celebrities like Zendaya perpetuate the look. "It offers a combination of timeless beauty and modern artistry and fit especially good for those with natural curls or longer bob hairstyles that have grown out."


Jane Birkin-esque bangs

Next year, Preston says we will be paying homage to Jane Birkin. The indelible fashion icon who passed away in 2023 was famous for her hair cut: swiping bangs paired with long naturally textures tresses. "Her bangs became part of her trademark," says Preston. "They framed her face and came to define her overall natural aesthetic and feel."

Louis Vuitton SS24.

According to Preston, the Birkin bang can elevate most hairstyles that have a little length. "If you have an even cut, but want that 'wow' factor, it's a fantastic start," he says. That said, it works "just as well on a bob, no matter curly or straight." The beauty of Birkin bangs is that they're easy to maintain. "They're also easily transitioned into a butterfly cut or a wolf cut, if you feel like making even more of a change."


The 'mixi' cut

The edgy little sister to the already-edgy wolf cut, the 'mixi' offers change for those who crave an unequivocally cool hair cut. "It is a mix between a pixie haircut and a mullet," says Preston, describing how the hair is kept shorter on the crown, and allowed to grow longer along the nape of the neck.

Chloé SS24 .

The beauty of the 'mixi' is that it can be styled in a variety of ways. “It works beautifully with different hair textures,” says Preston. Using a flat iron or opting to keep your natural stick straight texture gives the look a mod-like feel: a take on '60s supermodel Twiggy with a more contemporary cut. A natural (or augmented) curl, however, can easily make this statement style more romantic.


Embracing natural texture

Over the past couple of years, the natural hair movement has been thriving with more and more people embracing their kinks and coils. Perhaps the result of the laissez-faire attitude to hair care that we developed during the pandemic – or as more conscious approach to heat damage – less and less of us are keen on structured styling.

Rokh SS24 .

"We're leaving our hair to be free to do its own thing," says Preston. “Many are striving for a natural and unstyled look. We dare to show ourselves without having spent too much effort on our hair.” As for 2024? “We are going to see even more natural, unprocessed curls.”


The buzz cut

Lawrence implores “the brave” to try a buzz cut in “The ultra-short hairstyle that requires confidence and attitude,” says Lawrence. “The buzz cut has become a symbol of independence and strength and suits both men and women who want to make a strong statement.”

Dolce & Gabbana SS24.

When it comes to finding your version of the buzz cut, the classic is a good starting point. This style is usually cut about the same length all over the head, creating an even hair cut that is easy to maintain. That said, there's no reason you cannot modify it to suit your preference and to complement your hair texture: be it faded, bleached, dyed and with a micro-fringe.


The blunt bang

Blunt bangs, or straight bangs, are back in full force for 2024 according to Lawrence. While Preston preferred the lived-in look of Jane Birkin's curtain cut, Lawrence urges us to try this more severe style. "This hairstyle gives a sharp and playful look while being adaptable to different lengths and textures," the artistic director says. "Whether you wear them long and heavy or short and bushy, blunt bangs are sure to be a prominent trend in the coming year."

Alberta Ferretti SS24.

Our preference? The babydoll bang, a variety of the blunt bag that is cut straight across the middle of the forehead. It may not suit most, but for those who want to add some nostalgic '50s or '60s flair to their 'do, this is just the cut to get for 2024.