Everything you need to know about the Scandinavian Eurovision contestants for 2022

By Doris Daga

From ABBA's Waterloo to Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah, Scandinavia has a history of sweeping the competition in the Eurovision song contest. So, here's everything you need to know about the Nordic songbirds we're sending to Turin, Italy, this year

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs with 'Hold Me Closer'

Cornelia Jakobs took Sweden by storm this Saturday night as she took home the winning title in Melodifestivalen. A record that flirts between the line of uptempo pop and heartbreak ballad, Hold Me Closer is written and produced by the artist herself as well as collaborators David Zandén and Isa Molin. The track has already been streamed almost 4 million times, so Jakobs might be the next in line to grab the win for Sweden.


Denmark: Reddi with 'The Show'

Reddi's song The Show is a Glam Rock answer to the rock 'n' roll revolution that Måneskin brought about last year. A '70s meets '90s, Queen-inspired rock ballad, this is the new power anthem for embracing your true identity. So, just like Denmark's pick, it's time to find our best colourful suits and pick up our instruments as rock is back for good.

Norway: Subwoolfer with 'Give That Wolf A Banana'

Following in the steps of another Norwegian animal-themed hit, What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis from 2013 that now has over 1 billion views, Subwoolfer takes a Little Red Riding Hood twist on an electro-pop beat. Staying true to their Norwegian DJ Roots, Subwoolfer is here to represent dance music. With yellow wolf-like costumes and matching suits, Subwoolfer is the epitome of kitsch.

Finland: The Rasmus with 'Jezebel'

The famous 1990s band The Rasmus is making a comeback this year as they represent Finland in Turin with their song Jezebel, co-written by none other than Desmond Child (think Kiss' I Was Made For Loving You, Jon Bon Jovi's Livin on a Prayer). In true Finnish fashion, the tradition of sending a rock band to the Eurovision song contest stands strong, as heavy metal is their calling card. 2021's Blind Channel passes the torch to The Rasmus to hopefully take the win and continue the rock 'n' roll streak. Bonus points for the main singer Lauri Ylonen's fabulous yellow teddy coat.

Iceland: Systur with 'Með hækkandi sól' (With The Rising Sun)

In the last several years, Iceland has voted for mainly electronic pop songs, such as the viral sensation Daði Freyr's Think About Things. This year, however, they've opted for a country-folk vibe with Systur's song Með hækkandi sól (With The Rising Sun). Rooted in guitar, this track is Dolly Parton-inspired, with a Nordic stripped-down sound. In their native Icelandic, this is the only song from the Scandi region that is not sung in English. It seems that boho chic is back in Iceland, and maybe for all of Eurovision.