Podcast: musician Daði Freyr on breaking free of Eurovision and dealing with writer's block

By Doris Daga

In the fourth episode of Vogue Scandinavia's podcast series, we explore the eclectic mind of Iceland's most exciting musician

Icelandic musician Daði Freyr took the world by storm in 2019 with his hit single Think About Things. Set to sweep the Eurovison competition off it’s feet, the pandemic hindered the iconic win. With a second attempt at Eurovision in the 2021 competition, Freyr solidified himself as one of the most exciting upcoming acts from the region.


In the fourth episode of Vogue Scandinavia Sounds, Freyr speaks about Iceland’s influence on his music, the Eurovision ‘machine’, and how the visual component always accompanies the music. As an artist Freyr focuses on creating a unique world for his music. “I released an album in 2016 that was 14 songs,” he explains, “[it's] a story of a guy that learns the meaning of the universe, but his mind splits in two, he’s sucked into an alternate dimension, finds love, loses love, it’s a sci-fi adventure thing. It’s usually way easier to write something if I have this bigger idea of what it is, outside of the music.”

For his latest project, however, he’s faced with a new challenge: writer’s block. “I’m having a little bit of a tough time right now finding what it is what I want. I feel like I’m making my debut album, this is the first real release I feel. I think I want it to be self-titled, and the theme is me.”

Listen to the fourth episode of Vogue Scandinavia Sounds where Freyr casts a unique insight into his creative process, shedding off the Eurovision cloak, and finding his new sound: