Everything you need to know about 'that' hair clip beloved by the Scandi style set

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: @barbarakristoffersen

Sweep your hair back with tropical flair like Elsa Hosk, Matilda Djerf, and Josephine Skriver. This is the hair accessory to sport this summer

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Known for their envious tresses of voluminous un-bothered curls and perfectly swept-back bangs, it is no surprise that the Scandi style set is spearheading the trendiest hairstyles for summer. And their primary source of inspiration? The turn of the millennia. From supermodel Elsa Hosk's recreation of Pamela Anderson's messy top knot (a look we've all been trying to achieve having binged Pam & Tommy) to Danish colleague Josephine Skriver's 1990s, slicked-back style and face-framing tendrils, the early aughts is dominating our current hairdos.

With this specific era coming back in full force, hair accessories have found their way back into our wardrobes. And none have been more integral to our style than the hair clip. Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colourways – from tiny multicoloured butterfly clips to neutral XXL claw clips – novelty clips are the newest addition to the hair clip family. Modelled in the sculptural likeness of flora and fauna, these styles have dominated the Scandinavian style sets up dos as of late. And there is one specific shop supplying our favourite taste makers: Emi Jay.

Elsa Hosk in Emi Jay flower hair clip

Swedish super model Elsa Hosk in Emi Jay Super Bloom hair clip. Photo: @hoskelsa

Josephine Skriver in Emi Jay flower hair clip

Danish super model Josephine Skriver in Emi Jay Super Bloom hair clip. Photo: @josephineskriver

Barbara Kristoffersen in Emi Jay flower hair clip

Danish model and content creator Barbara Kristoffersen in Emi Jay Super Bloom hair clip . Photo: @barbarakristoffersen

Founded in 2009 by then 14-year-old Julianne Goldmark, Emi Jay began with a no-dent knotted hair tie. “I was in love with headbands and hair accessories at the time,” the founder and creative director explains. Cut to the present day, and the hair accessory brand has grown to include scrunchies and claw clips with a dedicated celebrity clientele, including Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Hailey Bieber.

As a Los Angeles native that grew up in the 2000s, the resurgence and style phenomenon of Y2K is fascinating and fun for Goldmark. “A lot of our inspiration comes from pieces I had as a kid. I loved tiny flower clips and anything sparkly,” says Goldmark. Growing up, the founder would wear a uniform to school, and hair accessories would be a way to express personal style. “I feel like hair accessories are such a simple way to add detail to an outfit while also serving a purpose,” she says. “We’ve taken that era and mixed it with this dreamy, vacation-inspired aesthetic and created some very beautifully elevated yet playful pieces.”

Emi Jay's founder Julianne Goldmark

Founder of Emi Jay, Julianne Goldmark. Photo: Emi Jay

The sudden surge of popularity that the claw clip has experienced is somewhat an online phenomenon. The likes of Matilda Djerf, whose impeccably swept-back style spread like wildfire over Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts, sent sales skyrocketing. According to Goldmark, the demand for claw clips can be attributed to the accessory’s air of sophistication. “It adds personality to even the simplest look while also actually keeping your hair up and out of your face when you need to,” she says. “We’re all always running out the door and looking for easy ways to add a little something to our outfit or hair.”

Elsa Hosk Emi Jay flower hair clip

Swedish super model Elsa Hosk in Emi Jay Big Daisy hair clip. Photo: @hoskelsa

Matilda Djerf flower hair clip by Emi Jay

Swedish content creator Matilda Djerf in Big Daisy clip by Emi Jay. Photo: @matildadjerf

Amanda Marie Pagh Nielsen in Emi Jay flower hair clip

Danish content creator Amanda Marie in Emi Jay Big Daisy hair clip. Photo: @amandampn

Emi Jay’s flower-inspired claw clips have become a fast favourite for our local trendsetters, seen sported on beach holidays by models and content creators alike. “I’ve always admired Scandinavian style and interior design. I find the style to be effortless yet timeless and just cool,” Goldmark says. “A lot of the Scandi women we love find this perfect balance between contemporary trends and simple wardrobe staples, which is the embodiment of Emi Jay. It’s like they dress for vacation with purpose and sensibility. Their style is a breath of fresh air and serves as such an inspiration to our brand.”

The Emi Jay styles favoured by the Nordic style set are the Super Bloom and Big Daisy clips, both available in punchy colour schemes. “The Super Bloom and Big Daisy clips were designed to add this romantic and playful yet useful addition to your wardrobe – you can wear them with a sleek bun or a messy half-up-half-down,” Goldmark says. “They’re ethereal and youthful but can also hold a full head of hair.”

The flower hair clips beloved by the Scandi style set

Super Bloom hair clip in Guava

Emi Jay

Big Daisy hair clip in clementine

Emi Jay