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Danish designer Emilie Helmstedt on the beauty of mother-child dressing

By Allyson Shiffman
Caroline Brasch and son Axel

Caroline Brasch and son Axel. Photo: Helmstedt

Balancing motherhood with a career can be tough, but for Helmstedt it's the fire that fuels her work

There’s something about children’s clothes that activates an instinctive response. See a mother-daughter duo in coordinated outfits and the impact is tenfold. See a mother-daughter duo in coordinated outfits by whimsical Danish designer Helmstedt and the awwwwww impact is overwhelming. The latter is manifested in a too-cute-for-words reality, thanks to Helmstedt’s debut children’s collection, released this month via Ssense.


“It’s just instantly something that tricks every female mind,” Emilie Helmstedt says of mother-daughter dressing. “It must be something with the hormones or the endorphins, or something.” Chatting over Zoom, Helmstedt wears a plush robe of her own design, rendered in her signature pastels.