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Everything you need to know about ‘Danish Pastel’

By Josefin Forsberg

Gustaf Westman's interior designs. Photo: Gustaf Westman

Pretty sorbet shades have been everywhere on social media, and they don't necessarily have to be twee either. Here's your definitive guide to the mastering the trend your way

Scandinavian minimalism with its austere palette and purposely placed lines have long perched atop the throne in the Nordic region, influencing the international interior devotees with its sleek design for decades – the almighty reign of Ikea and its easily digestible design.


But just like the fashion scene is changing in Scandinavia – shifting ever so slightly from sleek monochromatic lines to colourful frills – so is the interior design. As a result, sorbet shades have settled into our collective consciousness, whole-heartedly embraced by a select group of locals. 

Copenhagen-based content creator Simone Noa Hedal is one of the individuals spearheading the pastel charge. “I think there has been a shift within the last couple of years,” she said on the changing aesthetic. “I love to be surrounded by colourful things. The first purchase for my home was a yellow velvet couch. It was the only furniture that my boyfriend and I could agree on – that yellow couch kicked off my colour adventure for sure.”