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Everything you need to know about Instagram's favourite ceramics brand

By Lara Oliveri
Christina Iversen Studio

Photo: Christina Iversen Studio

Meet Christina Iversen, the ceramic artist who went viral for her timeless seashell cups seen in the homes of Scandinavian tastemakers

There is a big chance that while browsing on Instagram you have come across unique ceramic seashell cups that seem to be in the houses of all the stylish Scandi influencers. With the likes of Mathilde Gøhler and Pernille Teisbaek, Danish ceramic brand Christina Iversen Studio is currently taking over Instagram with its ceramic tableware and seashell cups – better known as the konylie koppen.


The story of Christina Iversen Studio started more than two years ago when Christina Iversen was on her daily walk at the beach near her house in Aarhus where she found a beautiful seashell. “I have always had a thing for the beauty of seashells, and the sea in general,” explains Iversen. “I enjoy daily walks by the beach and swimming in the ocean, all year round. I call it ‘havterapi’ - sea therapy.”