Supermodels, champagne and stunning jewellery: Step inside Vogue Scandinavia and Cartier’s celebratory Stockholm soiree

By Allyson Shiffman

Actor Alva Bratt and Vogue Scandinavia editor in chief Martina Bonnier.

Celebrating the five-year anniversary of Stockholm’s Cartier boutique and the release of our latest issue, Vogue Scandinavia and Cartier welcomed a slew of actors, models and industry insiders for an evening of jewellery, drinks and music

Christmas came early yesterday by way of Vogue Scandinavia and Cartier’s soiree in the beloved jewellery brand’s Stockholm flagship. The evening had all the hallmarks of an unmissable holiday celebration: good cheer, champagne, festive looks, supermodels and, yes, Cartier gift bags. There was, after all, plenty to celebrate – not only did our latest issue just release, this season also marks the boutique’s five-year anniversary.

Against the backdrop of a well-dressed Christmas tree, our editor-in-chief Martina Bonnier welcomed a slew of guests near and dear to the magazine. Actor Frida Gustavsson (decked out in glimmering Cartier jewellery, naturally) and her husband Marcel Engdahl looked as dashing as they did on the day of their Vogue Scandinavia-covered wedding. Elsewhere, actors Hedda Stiernstedt and Valter Skarsgård, who feature in our current issue, clinked glasses. Also in attendance, breakout star Alva Bratt, donning a show-stopping Clash de Cartier necklace, revealed her editorial (in which she wears the most extraordinary high-end Cartier jewels) to her beaming parents.

With the evening in full-swing, Bonnier – who doubles as our resident jewellery expert – took the mic to deliver a charming toast, recalling that a similarly fabulous Cartier celebration was her very first post-lockdown event. The night was capped off with a shiver-inducing performance by R&B songstress Sabina Ddumba. It’s early in the festive holiday season yet, but we’ve set the bar quite high if we do say so ourselves. See all the images below.