Bornholm: your complete guide to Denmark's craft mecca

By Sophie Axon

Photo: Instagram/metteduedahl

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea, the idyllic fishing villages of Bornholm are now home to some outstanding Danish arts and crafts

Bornholm is the sort of place you visit and, before long, you're pondering what it would take to move there. Great waves of Danes cross the Baltic Sea each summer to land on the sun-drenched island where they stroll along unspoiled beaches and bask in the largely untouched natural beauty of its rocky terrain. It's a true island idyll and an intoxicating one that can quickly have you considering how easy it'd be to relocate.


It's perhaps no surprise therefore, that Bornholm has become a haven for artists and craftspeople. The island is peppered with independent businesses making everything from ceramic tablewares to hand-crafted jewellery, and is also home to the Royal Danish Academy's School of Design.

Below are six incredible Bornholm crafthouses to explore:


Mette Duedahl’s Studio, Svaneke

Nestled away in Svaneke, the easternmost city on Bornholm, you’ll find ceramicist Mette Duedahl with her sleeves rolled up sitting behind a pottery wheel.

After working as a professional photographer for several years, Duedhal began to miss the feeling of tactility that comes with many traditional arts. It wasn’t long before she was hands deep in clay honing the craft of ceramics, initially in Copenhagen before settling in Bornholm with her family to work and live in tandem with the wonders of the island. On a trip to Svaneke, you might bump into her on a run or a swim at the harbour, but if you have a penchant for Nordic design you'll want to check out Duedahl’s designs in detail by visiting her store.

By infusing traditional crafts into her modern and minimal designs, Duedahl celebrates the island’s nature and each design is recognisable by their delightfully raw appearance. Designed in natural hues that borrow from the earth’s appearance, Duedahl’s designs infuse the essence of Bornholm into any space they inhabit.

Strandstien 4A, Listed. 3740 Svaneke


Matter – House of Craft, Nexø

In the quaint town of Nexø on the east coast of Bornholm sits one of the most exciting up-and-coming craft establishments. Matter - House of Craft is an open craft house owned by glassblower Maj-Britt Zelmer Olsen and artist Sarah Oakman, who after five years of friendship and many craft-related conversations in their old studio, teamed up to renovate an old shipyard facing to birth not only a new studio for themselves, but a craft space for other artisans and the public. Matter opened in 2017 and has since established itself as a lively, inclusive creative hub with abundant exhibitions, workshops and concerts.

With high ceilings and a large open main area, the craft house has been divided into different sections. Inside you will find a ceramic workshop, a kitchen and a glassblowing workshop, each of which has been carefully designed for their purpose. As well as creativity, it’s a place of community for family, friends and visitors so you can plan a visit or simply stop by. As Oakman puts it, Matter is “a place where artisans, colleagues and visitors feel welcome”.

Nordre Srandvej 2, 3730 Nexø


Baltic Sea Glass Studio, Gudhjem

What was once a mere chicken coup is now a bright open workshop housing the brilliant Baltic Sea Glass Studio. For over 40 years, the glass masters here have opened their doors and welcomed the public into their studio.

The workshop functions as a glassblowing factory and a creative development centre which gives glass artists the vital opportunity to create with freedom, while also hosting an inspiring experience for visitors. The glasswork is unfathomably intricate and gracefully mimics the textures, colours and patterns of Bornholm’s many charms. Designs reference the patterns seen in local fishing nets, ice crystals and sun-kissed boulders.

Melstedvej 47, 3760. Gudhjem


Mie Mølgaard’s Studio, Rønne

Lined with cobbled streets and colourful abodes, a visit to Rønne is a delightful affair. And with the recent addition of Mie Mølgaard’s ceramic studio, there’s all the more reason to visit. As you enter Mølgaard’s workshop, prepare to be met with sepia-toned rows of products handcrafted with a raw, expressive finish. You’ll also likely find Mølgaard herself ready to welcome guests for a tour and a chat.

After training as a design teacher, Mølgaard was lured to the island of Bornholm where she decided to pursue a lifelong interest in ceramics. She quickly became part of the community of artisans and opened her own company in 2014. Today, as well as plasterwork, casting and porcelain work, Mølgaard is fusing the modernity of 3D drawing and printing into her traditional craft. But however she is creating, Mølgaard and her designs radiate with an indisputable charm - just like the island of Bornholm itself.

Raadhusstræde 1a, 3700. Rønne


George William Bell Studio

As an artist born outside of Scandinavia with a vast international background, British craftsman George William Bell has found inspiration in Bornholm’s wilderness. In his studio, a private space for creative work, the two distinct entities of craft and art blend together. At the very core, Bell’s work is investigative; through glass, he attempts to understand not only what the material is but what it can be.

In his work, glass is hand-blown into elliptical silhouettes decorated with earthy hues. More recently, he has been looking into the possibility of having his glass-blown forms translated into bronze castings.

Although Bell's studio is private, you can get a glimpse of his glass work by following his Instagram and keeping an eye out for exhibitions and stockists.


Iben Birch Bech Studio, Tejn

Last but by no means least, in the northeastern harbour town of Tejn, Iben Birch Bech Studio’s is a coveted name in the Nordic craft community. Decoration has always followed Bech, and with a natural flair for design, she combines textile design with colourful experiments and floral infusions.

As well as crafting, an important part of Bech’s work is teaching the wider community about art and design. With a gentle curiosity and as an educator at Bornholms Kunstmuseum, you’ll often find her mid-conversation or guiding workshops in Tejn. If you don’t catch Bech at the museum or in her studio, her work can be found in many pop-ups across Bornholm.

Havnevej 7, Tejn. 3770