The 10 best beauty gadgets to add some tech into your routine

By Vogue Scandinavia's Beauty Team

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Spurred on by mounting concerns over pollution and stressful lifestyles, the beauty world is funnelling its most innovative breakthroughs into at-home devices. From LED face masks to sculpting wands and face massagers, this is Vogue Scandinavia's definitive list of beauty tech worth investing in

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Luna 3

With a bigger brush head and longer touchpoints than the original, it's easier to purge the pores in hard-to-reach areas around the nose and hairline. Simply choose the device that corresponds to your skin type, then tap into the app and choose from three guided facial massage programmes - eye, neck or all-over contouring - to target acupressure points. The result? A tech-driven deep cleanse you'll get addicted to.




Best known for its at-home muscle-pummelling massage tool, wellness aficionados tend to sleep on TheraBody's multi-treatment tool, TheraFace – a gun-like device that delivers eight different adjustable programs to work both the surface skin layer and underlying muscles. Standouts include microcurrent toning, LED light therapy, and the brand's signature percussive massage.



Mini+ Smart Petit facial toning kit

NuFACE's mini micro current device is a beauty hero that help improve cheek contour, lift brows, and smooth lines anytime, anywhere – aiding skin elasticity and glow. This nifty kit comes with two types of boosters to help conduct micro currents from your device to your facial muscles: the Aqua Gel Activator and the firming and brightening Silk Crème Activator. Spending no more than five minutes a day, five days a week – this device promises sci-fi like results.


Amazing Space

Thermogenic LED Facial Bar


LED was originally NASA technology, developed for astronauts to help heal wounds. A boon when you want to regenerate your skin cells. “LED treats the deeper cell layers,” explains Laura Bonné, founder of Copenhagen’s Amazing Space spa and skincare line. “The light energy is transformed into ATP energy needed to create collagen and restore skin tissue.” So no wonder we covet Bonné's LED device – featuring red light for frown lines and cooling blue light to take the sting out of a pesky zit.



PRO Starter Kit

Via Tanrevel

For anyone who has spent multiple hours waiting for fake tan to set or ruined multiple sets of white bedding, fake tans can feel daunting. That's where Swedish brand Tanrevel's nifty spritz come into play. Deploying a fine mist of bronzed glow onto your face, this tan takes less than 20 seconds to complete and six hours to develop – but with no need to wash off after it sets.


Dr Dennis Gross

DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

The benefit of red light LEDs to help encourage our skin’s hydration and collagen-producing effectors and blue light which effectively kills off acne-causing bacteria are both backed by science. And this StormTrooper-like mask combines the benefit of both, featuring 100 red and 62 blue lights at work together (or separately) to smooth wrinkles, diminish discolouration and clear acne.



Hair Alpha Ray


Yes this gadget is at the top end of our beauty budget, but it's a pretty clever piece of tech if you're worried about hair loss. In the same way that LED has been found to have transformative effects on the skin, here hundreds of red light waves and near-infrared gamma rays target the scalp to increase the level of oxygenation to the roots and stimulate hair growth.



One Gold Hair Treatment Applicator

Via Cult Beauty

A bit like a Nespresso machine for your hair, pods containing different hair treatments (sold separately) are attached to this next-generation device that then delivers the product via ultrasonic misting. Why? A super-fine spray is thought to maximise penetration of the nourishing ingredient into the hair shaft for softer, shinier strands in seconds. These actives are also more evenly distributed as a replenishing film over the hair and there's 20 times less product wastage, making it good for hair and the planet.



Airwrap Special Edition Multi-Styler in Blue/Blush

The Airwrap continues to reign supreme in the world of hair care for a reason. Arguably one of the most coveted and revolutionary products in the beauty sphere, the Airwrap combines your tiring hair drying process with your hair styling process. From bouncy blow-outs made easy with the round brush attachment to va-va-voom curls or super sleek 90's strands – the Airwrap multi styler does it all.


Shani Darden

Facial Sculpting Wand

Via Cult Beauty

The transformative results of aesthetician Shani Darden’s in-clinic vibration therapy can be seen on the glass skin of her celebrity clients: Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and January Jones, to name but a few. Shaped like a hairdryer with a disk on the tip, the at-home version shuttles vibrations 2.4 inches below the skin’s surface for deep-down collagen production, an increase in oxygen uptake and more defined facial muscles.