A Vogue editor’s guide to the best pregnancy treatments in Stockholm

By Eliza Sörman Nilsson

A head-to-bump directory to help with that pregnancy glow

There are myriad things for a mum-to-be to overthink, from the food they should be avoiding to the ingredients they’ve advised to stop using on their skin. But it doesn’t mean you have to put everything beauty-related on hold for nine months. There are plenty of pre- or post-pregnancy treatments that are result-driven, completely safe during pregnancy and allowing for some much-needed me time.


Here Vogue Scandinavia’s digital editor Eliza Sörman Nilsson, who is pregnant with her third child, rounds up the tried and tested places in Stockholm that offer treatments that make expecting mothers look great, and, most importantly, feel like themselves.


Lash Lift at Dashl Beauty Bar

Who doesn’t want to give their lashes an energised, doe-eyed boost without the need for mascara and, consequently, eye makeup remover?

A lash lift is essentially perming your lashing, allowing them to look fuller, thicker and longer. At Dashl’s Beauty Bar, a lash lift involves a therapist “sticking down” your lower lashes, so they can focus on the upper lashes. These upper lashes are then painted onto a silicone rod using a ‘perming’ formula. This formula then sets for a certain period of time (around 15 minutes) leaving the lashes lifted and lengthened. Eyelashes are then tint to enhance the volume and a keratin serum is applied to ensure the longevity of the results. The only downtime involves a 24-hour wait before washing your eyes after the treatment.

The ingredients used by Dashl are all natural and vegan, so you know there are no harsh chemicals. The whole procedure takes 60 minutes and is completely painless. Plus any treatment that literally tapes your eyes shut while you lie and rest is a win in our books.

Once you see the results, this treatment will have you ditching the mascara and setting a regular appointment. In fact, with it lasting around seven weeks, it’s a perfect post-baby treatment that will enhance your features - and help you look more awake - without the need for makeup.

Cost: 915 sek

Where: Dashl Beauty Bars are found in various locations around Sweden

Hot tip: Book in for a ‘Combo: All About Brows and Lash Lift’ while you are there. That way your brows will be taken care of too.


Oribe’s Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience at Styleport

This new salon-only treatment from cult haircare brand Oribe offers a quick and convenient way to deal with my number one hair concern - frizziness. The idea is that you work with the stylist on a custom-blend experience that helps restore damaged hair and overcome problems based on your individual needs. It also future proofs locks by sealing in moisture and smoothing the cuticle. As Nicci Welsh, Oribe lead stylist of international education, explains, “The environmental stress cause from UV rays and pollution can cause damage in our hair in the same way free radicals do for our skin. Remedies gives me the option to find the problem solvers that suits every one of my client’s hair needs and type.”

The process involves combining the two components: foundation (the base of the treatment which is either forumated for ‘Fine to Medium Hair’ or ‘Medium to Coarse Hair’) and the amplier (this is added to the foundation based on the results you are looking for. Options include; strength, smoothness and colour retention). Once blended together, the formular is then applied after shampoo and left for simply five minutes before being washed out.

My pick is the smoothing amplifier which not only means healthier, shinier looking hair, but the reduced level of frizz has helped cut down on drying and styling time. Some days I don’t even need to use heat tools at all. With results lasting around six weeks, I’ll be booking in an appotiment as close as possible to the due date, so perfectly styled hair will be one less thing to worry about between nappy changes and constant feeding.

Cost: 490 sek (must be booked together with another treatment)

Styleport The Bar
Linnégatan 34, 114 47 Stockholm

Styleport The Studio
Linnégatan 9-11, 114 47 Stockholm

Not in Sweden? The treatment is also available in Norway at Gevir and Finland at Atmos.


Nail art at Dashl Beauty Bar

Due to a nail biting habit, I don’t normally gravitate to manicures but with pregnancy I have embraced a very low-key version of nail art. To be specific; French nails with a Scandi twist that consists of a white tip paired with O.P.I’s Put It In Neutral shade. Why? When your clothing style is restricted and body constantly changing, it’s an easy way to elevate your look.

For professional and long-lasting nail art I head to Dashl’s Beauty Bar Fältöversten, inside H&M, as it’s near the Vogue offices making it convenient for removal and boasts incredible technicians. All up it takes about an hour and half for gel nails and advance nail art - ample amount of time to be totally hands free and uncontactable.

Cost: OPI Gel Polish Manicure starts at 400 sek with Nail Art, Full Set, Advance, being an extra 300 sek

Where: Dashl Beauty Bars are found in various locations around Sweden


‘Me Time Now’ treatment at Babor

Consider this the beauty equivalent of a choose your own adventure. With Babor’s Me Time Now all you need to do is book the amount of time you want to spend in the salon whether it be 50 minutes or 80 minutes. Then, together with your therapist you create the best treatment based on Babor’s extensive spa menu that suits your mood and skin on the day. For me, my skin wanted a hydration-boosting facial, while my swollen ankles wanted a leg and foot massage.

While the treatment, regardless of what you choose, is guaranteed to leave results and relax, the salon experience and time to be pampered is also a big part of it. Be sure to arrive early and have the time set aside to enjoy every bit of the ‘me time’ without feeling the need to rush. From the pre-treatment herbal tea drunk on a plush white sofa in the downstairs relaxation area to the juice concoction offered after you emerge from your treatment, this is all about finding much-needed bliss.

Me Time Now 50 minutes 1595 sek
Me Time Now 80 minutes 1795 sek

Where: Babor Salon, Humlegårdsgatan 13