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Babba Rivera on why pregnancy is the perfect time to reassess your beauty routine

By Babba Rivera

Photo: Rebecca Alaniz

Ceremonia founder and entrepreneur Babba Rivera shares her expert pregnancy beauty secrets

"Pregnancy is a great time to take a closer look at what we actually apply on our bodies," says Vogue Scandinavia's Eco Beauty Expert Babba Rivera, who is currently 31 weeks pregnant. "Somehow we tend to pay more attention when there is a little mini human inside us than when it’s just us."


With everything else going on during pregnancy, it can be easy for your beauty regime to slip down the list of priorities, but Rivera – who is expecting her second child – highlights that it is "a great opportunity for women to learn more about ingredients and take control of their choices."

Whether you see it as the perfect excuse for a complete beauty overhaul or are just in search of some pregnancy-friendly beauty products, Rivera is full of useful advice. Below, she reveals her beauty secrets for those with a baby bump.