Cocktail hour calls! Here’s 5 outstanding Oslo bars to try

By Asa Hedvig Aaberge
oslo cocktail bar Dangerous

Photo: Hans-Jakob Brandt.

Norway's capital is home to some of the world's best cocktail bars – from old-school speakeasies to tiny hole-in-the-wall spots, discover them here

Get ready for a bar crawl, because if there ever was a time to do one in Oslo, that time is now. The city’s bar scene is bursting with creativity and is more mixed up than ever.


Below, we guide you to six of the best spots for a stylishly shaken or stirred tipple, whether you favour the cocktail classics, dim and lux, laidback and fun or hidden gems for mixology connoisseurs.



Himkok was the bar that put Norway on the international cocktail map. The bar's cocktail artistry has earned numerous awards, including most recently a place on the World's 50 Best Bars list for 2022.

Through cocktails and their in-house spirit distillery, Himkok strives to embody Norwegian culture and nature in glasses and bottles. The distillery produces aquavit, gin and vodka, making Himkok a prime spot for a stirred taste of the Nordics.

The cocktail den has an old-school speakeasy bar feel, laid back with dark interiors and soft leather seats. Bartenders in white blazers mix signature drinks with seasonal Nordic flavours, including black sorrel, mulberry and plums.

A current staple on the rotating menu is the Bun, a cocktail inspired by the classic Old Fashioned and the Norwegian Skolebolle, a wheat bun with coconut and vanilla flavours. The cocktail resembles the taste of the sweet bun, with butter and bourbon, topped with a drizzle of coconut flakes.

Go for: The local Norwegian experience, true to the surroundings, and their in-house distilled spirits. The vibes are great for after work or a weekday out with friends.

Storgata 27, 0184 Oslo


Dangerous Club

Dangerous Club might only be one year young, but the charming little hole-in-the-wall bar has quickly established itself as an eminent addition to the Oslo's bar scene.

Though it's rather diminutive in size, it is your bar of choice if you love your mixes chaperoned by quality tunes on vinyl and retro interiors reminiscent of a local 1970s hang out – with a touch of Wes Anderson about it.

The cocktail menu is a source of delight for the safe players, but also the more adventurous. Drinks include the classics like a Dry Martini, a Negroni and an Old Fashioned along with some playful signatures.

Go for: The bar is intimate without feeling packed. The vibe is young and joyous, and fun and groovy enough for a Saturday night or a post-dinner tipple.

Maridalsveien 10, 0178 Oslo



Dæl leads you well off the beaten path from the heart of Oslo, but it's worth it. This little neighbourhood bar serves some of the best cocktails in town, and is a buoyant, vibrant addition to a previously sleepy residential area housed in what was once a dry cleaner. The district is clearly up and coming too: just next door to Dæl is the newly Michelin-starred Hot Shop.

At Dæl, the interiors are spartan yet tastefully carried off, with tailor-made plywood furnishings and deep, dark green walls. At the centre of the bar is a sort of mixologist's chef's table with taps and a wine cooler for each seat.

Dæl's interiors are simple but stylish. Photo: @dael.

Photo: @dael.

Do not let the minimalist interior and chill vibe trick you because the cocktails are exciting and full of flavour. Their answer to a Bloody Mary has parmesan in it, they serve a Turmeric Yuzu Sour, and your regular fashionable Cosmo comes with lingonberry.

Go for: The feeling of a neighbourhood bar, with full-on quality, clean and natural tastes. Dæl is also a prime spot for anyone who prefers a pint or wine to a mix.

Københavngata 18, 0566 Oslo



Housed in a former pharmacy that opened in 1896, Svanen is one of Oslo's most unique cocktail bars. The neoclassical interior, largely maintained from the days of the pharmacy, is worth going for alone, with its mahogany and maple, painted ceilings, marble columns, namesake swans and medicine cabinets. One of the city's best-preserved interiors from the late 1800s, the space even has official cultural heritage protection.

Svanen's historic interior has received official recognition. Photo: Kevin Fauske.

The bar has won numerous awards and been featured on several World's Best Bars lists since it opened, garnering attention for its tailor-made and forward thinking cocktail menu. Try signatures such as the Fitness Margarita with celery and lime or the Smørbukk with burnt butter and Bourbon, as well as Nordic super berry spins on the classics.

They're served by smiling mixologists dressed in nifty white jackets and the vibe is as cheerful as the music.

Go for: The historic venue is worth the visit on its own, but the cocktail menu is just as remarkable. Svanen is a versatile go-to for a delightful after-work or a cosy date.

Karl Johans gate 13, 0154 Oslo


Andre Til Høyre

If intimate house party vibes is your preferred cocktail bar scenario, Andre Til Høyre is your bar. Stepping through the doors gives a feeling of entering a home, albeit a tad more glam than the average apartment, with bartenders dressed in sleek outfits populating the space.

Andre Til Høyre provides laidback house party vibes. Photo: Melissa Hegge.

Andre Til Høyre is the perfect spot to hang out all night with friends. The bar has an apartment-style layout, with three rooms serving up different atmospheres. The living room is a relaxing lounge area with low seats and soft sofas in colourful velvets. Go through the heavy curtains into the library and take a stool at the bar for a signature cocktail such as the Sneaky Tiki or try their best seller Ticket to Tokyo. Tired of tipples? Head through to the kitchen for mingling and wine.

Go for: A big party; a loud, yet stylish and homey atmosphere. Andre til Høyre is the spot if you want to spend the whole night at one dreamy spot.

Youngs gate 19, 0181 Oslo