5 clean-formulated Scandi beauty brands to know and love

By Eco-Beauty - Babba Rivera

Björk & Berries bjork and berries

Photo: Björk & Berries

Looking for clean and safe, sustainably-produced beauty products from close to home? Our eco-beauty expert Babba Rivera presents five of the best Scandinavian options

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Some of my favourite brands from Scandinavia right now are pushing the boundaries of what we should expect from beauty today: sustainability, clean and safe formulas, all with eye-appealing packaging that gives you pride in putting them on your bathroom shelves.

Scandinavia, the most northern European region, is the home of my birth — Sweden, to be precise — and it’s the place I’ve spent most of my life. I’ve also worked countless hours to not only build a clean beauty brand of my own, but also to learn about such products for my own benefit, as a consumer looking for the cleanest and highest performance products to put on my own skin.

Here are five incredible, clean-formulated Scandinavian beauty brands you need to try today:

Wood Copenhagen

Photo: @woods_copenhagen

The products across this Danish skincare line are sourced with raw, nordic ingredients, for organic mixtures whose innovation is powered by modern science. Within their cleanser, hyaluronic mask, eye cream, lip repair and other offerings you’ll find natural plants, herbs and berries that are full of vitamins, as well as active sand essential omegas that bring with them all the anti-aging properties you desire.

Not only are their products vegan — with one small exception; they offer a lip balm with natural beeswax — but they’re packaged responsibly, with paper sourced from forests that are operated in environmentally conscious ways, as well as with recyclable glass, aluminum, and virgin plastic.

The company takes its environmental and body-health mission so seriously because it’s so personal. Founder Martin Lyne launched the products after struggling to find skincare offerings that his daughter, who lives with atopic eczema, could use without ill effects on her.

My must-have: woods’ daily foaming cleanser, which is refreshingly mild and won’t irritate your skin.

Björk & Berries

Photo: Björk & Berries

At least one of these companies had to be based in Sweden, and this is my first choice. B&B’s founders not only recognise the beauty in their homeland — our homeland! — but also its healing powers. Inspired by the country’s seasons and unique nature, their first perfume was built out of handpicked leaves and berries from local wooded areas, setting the tone for all their future products.

I love how Björk & Berries taps into the power of Swedish nature and bottles it into a global eco-luxury brand we can all feel proud of. Ingredients mirror those of legacy remedies, with botanical healing properties, that have been passed down through generations.

For example, B&B’s vitamin moisturizer contains beech, “the tree of everlasting youth” as it’s called, the body washes and lotions are made with water extracted from birch leaves, which has a range of positive effects on the skin; and the rescue cream boasts chickweed, a flower that can thrive year round, across a spectrum of harsh climate conditions.

My must-have: This company’s nourishing cleanser is gentle and efficient, cleaning deeply and efficiently with detoxifying power.


Photo: Mantle

Mantle has created a category of Cannabeauty product, tapping into the power of CBD mixed with other effective botanicals such as niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera. Founded in Stockholm, this new brand has taken the market by storm, fixed on everyone’s lips in Sweden.

Ingredients are organically farmed and hand-picked, for small batches that are cold-pressed. Their potions work to calm sensitive skin and redness, while balancing oily skin and diminishing signs of aging to restore your skin’s aura.

My must-have: The regenerating Dream Mask from Mantle is a soothing gel-textured overnight mask that boosts much-needed facial collagen production.


Photo: Frama

This fascinating company, also based in Copenhagen, produces not only hand, body and hair care products, as well as fragrances, but also furniture, home goods, and lighting, all with an unparalleled mindfulness and quality.

Their apothecary products include natural, hand-picked ingredients and essential oils; they’re gender-neutral and uniquely work to restore balance for the skin and senses. Among the ingredients in Frama’s moisturizing hand lotion, for example aloe vera gel, ficus carica extract, and oils from citrus peels, trees and flowers.

My must-have: Rich in minerals, Frama’s Apothecary Body Wash bursts with the collection’s signature scent, with its natural ingredients restoring skin balance and hydration.


Photo: Verso

This innovative company out of Stockholm only offers items that are cruelty-free and vegan. Verso also breaks down their products by role and time of day they should be put to use, though items in their first grouping are recommended for any period, as needed. Within that set you’ll find an enzyme peel with ​​natural organic acids that help speed up the cell cycle and boost collagen production. In the daytime, when your skin encounters pollutants and other stressors, you’ll want Verso’s Daily Glow cream with Vitamin D.

My must-have: In the evening, during recovery, engage with the company’s Night Cream. Formulated with Retinol 8, which is a stabilized Vitamin A complex, the cream reinforces your skin’s properties to make it more resistant to daily stressors.

Clean-formulated products to have

Daily foaming cleanser


Nourishing Cleanser

Björk & Berries

The Dream Mask


Apothecary Body Wash


The Scent of Vogue Scandinavia

Björk & Berries


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