4 of Josephine Skriver's most iconic Halloween looks

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: @josephineskriver

We revisit the Danish supermodel’s most memorable (and frightening) Halloween get-ups to date

Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver is famous for pulling out all the stops when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Not afraid of looking like a character plucked from the pages of a horror story, Skriver's ghostly glam often rivals her chosen attire, while together with her husband Alexander DeLeon, the duo have served up some of the most unforgettable spooky season couples get-ups. With a newborn in tow this year, will Skriver opt for a trio costume serve?


In the interim of discovering her 2023 Halloowen look – or in case you're still on the hunt for some last-minute inspiration for the upcoming Halloween weekend – Vogue Scandinavia looks back at four of Skriver's most iconic spooky get-ups.


2015: The skeleton lovers

Opting for a couples costume for Halloween with your partner or a friend is a great way to share in the fun of getting all dressed up – odds are that there will be a bevvy of Barbies and Kens present at this year’s celebrations. But if you’re looking for something a tad more gruesome, consider channelling Skriver and DeLeon’s iconic 2015 skeleton lovers look. With their meticulously painted faces and matching, bone-adorned outfits, the couple definitely gave everyone goosebumps.


2016: The retro zombie chick

The following year, Skriver deliever a look straight from an apocalyptic zombie flick. Donning a 1950s-inspired shimmery purple halter neck dress paired with a matching headband and a classic ’50s hairdo, the supermodel turned a charming retro costume into a ghoulish one with her zombie skin, blood-dripping cuts and cloudy white eyes. DeLeon also took part in this costume with similar, astonishingly realistic-looking makeup and a dishevelled white T-shirt. “Till death do us part doesn’t apply to you. We will never part,” reads Skriver’s Instagram caption, in true zombie spirit.


2018: The cruel Candy Girl

In 2018, Skriver took her Halloween cues from the ultimate horror movie series, The Purge. Dressing up as Candy Girl, the candy-stealing villainess from The Purge: Election Year, she wore a blood-stained white tutu complete with a baseball bat and a copy of the pine-chilling 'Kiss Me' mask the character sports in the film. If you want a look that is creepy but still has a touch of sultriness, going as Candy Girl is a solid option.


2019: Clowncore, but make it scary

If you have coulrophobia (extreme fear of clowns), this one might not be for you. Halloween of 2019 saw what has potentially been the best costume Skriver has served up so far, as she appeared utterly unrecognisable in a clown girl look. Nearly as terrifying as Bill Skarsgård’s legendary character Pennywise in the chilling It movie series, Skriver’s clown girl costume was perfectly executed – from the makeup to the wig and the wacky attire. Try replicating it, if you dare.