Norway’s style set went all out to celebrate 17.mai this year

By Billie Miro Breskin

Photo: @ninasandbech

Discover how the most stylish Norwegians celebrated Constitution Day, from champagne toasts to beautiful bunads

With summer just around the corner and blue skies in abundance, this year’s 17.mai celebrations were coloured by seasonal exuberance. The holiday, which commemorates the signing of the Norwegian Constitution in 1814, presents Norwegians the perfect opportunity to celebrate their country outdoors with friends and family.


Nobody does it better, of course, than Norway’s most fashionable residents, who showed off their styling prowess with their traditional dresses.

In honour of the holiday, Vogue Scandinavia has compiled a list of some of our favourite looks; read on to see how these trend-setters spent (and dressed for!) their National Day.


Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

Who better to start off our list than Princess Märtha Louise of Norway herself? The Norwegian royal looked overjoyed as she celebrated with friends by the sea, the colours of their dresses a deconstructed take on the flag.


Janka Polliani

Janka Polliani looked gorgeous as ever as she twirled in the streets of Oslo. The former Vogue Scandinavia cover star opted for an autumnal colour palette for her look, which featured golden accents.


Sophie Stray

Sophie Stray’s take on the classic bunad involved a hot pink headband and matching scarf. The singer celebrated with a Norwegian flag cake, with the design made from fresh berries.


Nina Sandbech

Another Vogue Scandinavia cover alum, Nina Sandbech spent the day with her beaux and friends in Oslo. The highlight of her look? Her shawl, which was beautifully embroidered with flowers and a bird in flight.


Yasmine San Miguel

Yasmine San Miguel twirled in her bunad in the countryside, opting for a dark colour palette to accentuate the bright green of her shirt. She shared a heartfelt message on Instagram in appreciation of the community and traditions that Norway has fostered.


Tone Damli

What better way to update a classic outfit than through accessories? Nobody knows this better than Tone Damli, whose chunky sunglasses were a perfect contrast to her headscarf and jewellery.


Madeleine Pedersenn

Madeleine Pedersenn spent the day outside, toasting with champagne and posing with friends. The red colour of her bodice shone in the sun, almost as bright as her smile.


Vita Mashadi

Vita Mashadi’s 17.mai look was a masterclass in layering, her scarves and jewellery effortlessly draped. With similarly decked-out friends, the beauty founder truly celebrated in style.


Sunniva Hartgen

Sunniva Hartgen opted for a more laid-back look, her tailored grey skirt paired with a traditionally-embroidered white blouse. After enjoying the parades in the streets of Oslo, she finished out the day in a red slip dress.


Alexandra Rotan

Alexandra Rotan made a statement with her bunad this year. The bright pinks and greens were chosen by Rotan herself, who designed the look with Eva Lie Designs in Oslo.


Camilla Aastorp

Last (but certainly not least), fitness mogul Camilla Aastorp dressed in Norway’s colours for the holiday. Her blue skirt also featured embroidery, the florals perfectly complimenting her red bodice.