Watch 'The tale of Cecilie Bahnsen': an exclusive Vogue Scandinavia film

By Vogue Scandinavia

Step inside Cecilie Bahnsen's fantastical universe to see how the magic happens

In our exclusive video below, Cecilie Bahnsen takes Vogue Scandinavia inside her Copenhagen atelier.


In it, we’re introduced to her team and meet her head of production Mailis Giros, her pattern maker Friederike Waschk, her design assistant Sandrine Tabarin and product development assistant Stine as we get an insight into the romantic atelier.

“It’s a balance between the romantic and the simplistic,” she tells us of her fantastical, girlish garments, with signatures of puffed sleeves, empire waists and cutouts.

Bantan’s studio is packed with countless swatches of fabric. Cotton and cloud matelassé and Bahnsen’s favourite – if she can pick just one – fil coupé. “We use the hairy side of the fabric, everyone else uses the other side,” she says. She doesn’t work with references or complex concepts. Each collection builds upon the last, creating her own little universe.

It’s about the craft, the attention to detail. It’s about working with one’s hands to make something beautiful and how that beautiful thing might elicit a feeling. “It’s the touch of it, how it feels when you put it on, even the sound of the fabric,” Bahnsen says. “There are so many emotions.”

In the film, we also learn about the Danish designer's adoration of coffee, flowers, music, pastries.

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