Watch Conversation (3) of Love Lost: The Love Lost

By Vogue Scandinavia

Heartfelt and devastating, the three-part Conversations of Love Lost series by Swedish director Sheila Johannsson sensitively captures the universal experience of love 'that doesn’t last forever'

Released exclusively by Vogue Scandinavia in collaboration with production company new—land, Conversations of Love Lost is the independent short film directorial debut of Stockholm-based Sheila Johansson.

The Love Lost is the third and final of the three shorts in Johansson's series. Shot in the British seaside town of Cromer and starring Edmund Dehn and Teresa Critchley, it explores the drawn-out grief of dementia as a life-long love slowly fades away.

"You know each other inside and out. You remember every detail of your past together, every line and freckle in their face. You’ve laughed and cried together, had your ups and downs, but your love has been constant. Then, slowly, they start to forget – small things, big memories and sometimes who you are. So you constantly remind them of the past and confess your love. But that’s not how your dynamic used to be. Every day you take the same walk to your favourite spot. Every day you have conversations that become more and more confusing. Every day you say that you love them hoping that they will say it back. Because you know that one day, they will forget to say – I love you,'" Johansson says of the direction.

Directed by Sheila Johansson
Written by Sheila Johansson & Sissela Nelander
Starring: Edmund Dehn, Teresa Critchley and Monica Bertei
Producer: Amelie Svenstedt
Line Producer: Benedict Turnbull
Executive Producer: Trine Pillay
Director of Photography: Mario Poljac
Editor: Nikolaus Kohler
Editor's Assistant: Joel Sjöström
Colourist: Nicke Cantarelli
Sound Designer: Martin Mighetto
Title Design & Artwork: Albin Holmqvist