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Vogue Scandinavia Issue I ph 1

Photo: Emir Eralp

Editor in Chief & CEO - Martina Bonnier

Assistant to Editor in Chief - Rebecka Thorén

Managing Editor - Tom Pattinson

Art Director - Christian Altmann

Digital Editor - Natalie Setterwall neé Salmon

Head of Video - Emir Eralp

Senior Fashion Writer - Alysson Shiffman

Junior Fashion Writer - Josefin Forsberg

Junior Beauty Editor - Esteban Villanueva

Diversity & Inclusion Editor - Mona M Ali

Social & Commercial Media Editor - Jennifer Nilsson

CFO - Johan P Moverare

Digital Product Owner - Peter Holmlund

Head of Marketing & Sustainability - Mariann Jacobsson

Sales & Partnership Manager - Sarah Bardling


Nature Expert - Ása Steinars

Eco-Beauty Expert - Babba C Riviera

Eyewear Expert - Betty Bachz

Sustainability Expert - Celine Aagaard

Music Expert - Doris Daga

Beauty Expert - Gucci Westman

Watch Expert - Kristian Haagen

Lingerie & Swimwear Expert - Loreen

Handbag Expert - Marianne Theodorsen

Gender Fluidity Expert - Mikko Puttonen

Fashion Editor Norway - Rawdah Mohamed

Shoe Expert - Sandra Hagelstam

Fashion Editor Denmark - Sophia Roe

Vogue Scandinavia is published under a license agreement between Condé Nast and Four North. Condé Nast’s media licensing business publishes editions of the global media company’s iconic brands with local partners around the world.

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