Exclusive Premiere: Danish artist – and fashion muse – Weakme’s debut music video features a massive Esben Weile Kjær sculpture

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Freja Wewer

Vogue Scandinavia is proud to premiere the debut video for Danish artist Weakme. The artist breaks down the making of the video, that slick styling, and working with it-artist Esben Weile Kjær

While you may not have heard the name Weakme, you may recognise his face; it’s the latest alias of Frederik Lauritz Hansen, whose other project Lille F*cker has found him rapping in Danish at hip art openings and fashion parties across Copenhagen. Or perhaps you recognise him from his other gig, as a model-slash-muse for of-the-moment brands (di)vision and Hanrej. “Weakme is another way to express myself,” he says. “It’s like my own skin evolved – this weird way of thinking and analysing life and experiences.”


Lo-fi and steeped in emotion, Weakme’s music is like a gut punch followed by a caress. This vulnerability is due in part to the songs being in English. “Weakme allows me to express myself in another language, which releases all my thoughts,” Weakme says, noting that the name itself comes from the intersection of weakness and strength. “It's like a getaway, but at the same time, it takes me closer to understanding myself and what I share with the world.”

Stills from "Flowers". Photo: Kasper Miz

Photo: Kasper Miz

The artist’s debut music video for his track “Flowers”, which we are proud to premiere here, finds him set against something else that may look familiar: Esben Weile Kjær’s massive soft sculpture. “I met Esben a long time ago. I was pretty young the first time we met,” Weakme says. It was a fitting backdrop for the performance, not simply because the track is dubbed flower and the sculpture itself is a big, toothy Super Mario-plucked flytrap, but also because Weakme’s first performance was at the opening of Weile Kjær’s show at ARKEN museum. “His sculptures match the universe, the spirit and the track,” Weakme says. “I mean, it’s some big meat-eating flowers, and I love that.”

The mutual respect between Weile Kjær and Weakme is palpable. “His energy feels new and fresh in Copenhagen,” says Weile Kjær. “We need more Scandinavian rock stars. Frederik is one, and I like that. He has the right attitude. He’s very emotional, and I think that’s very inspiring.”

Photo: Freja Wewer

Photo: Freja Wewer

Photo: Freja Wewer

Regarding including Weile Kjær’s work in the video, the timing was serendipitous; the sculpture, which had been on view in Miami, returned to Copenhagen just in time to shoot. Weakme joined the silver flower where it’s currently installed: at the Copenhagen Business School. “It’s an interesting set-up, I think; my giant flower sculptures installed in the middle of Copenhagen Business School with Frederik singing in the middle of it all,” says Weile Kjær. “It’s like a psychedelic brutal musical.”

The ‘Flowers’ video is a collaboration amongst friends – “The only way I like to work,” Weakme notes. Shot by Freja Wewer and directed by Kasper Miz, who also provided the styling, the video finds Weakme looking effortlessly dapper in a relaxed suit (“I found it at a random outlet in Paris,” says Miz) and a vintage Valentino tie. The look is made contemporary with sunglasses and jewellery from Nielsen’s own brand, Hanrej. “I trust Kasper a lot in any way,” says Weakme. “The way he expresses himself is very inspiring, and I love whatever he does. He gives me another view on things. It’s like melting two curly brains together, and it all makes sense in the end. He is a real alien.”

Though Weakme “didn’t sleep” the night before the video shoot, the shoot day was one of effortless creativity. “Imagine a ping pong game with four friends,” he says. “And we’re all good at it.” As for what the future holds for Weakme? “I’m looking forward to sharing new music,” he says. “The future is beautiful.”

Watch the full video for 'Flowers' below.