Video: Stretch out and reach for the barre with Sara Snaedis Olafsdottir's 8 minute full-body workout

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Withsara

Warm up and find a bar with Vogue Scandinavia Movements… for this episode Sara Snaedis from Withsara takes us through a short and sweet barre class - all you need is a chair and your living room

Vogue Scandinavia Movements is a series made to make you get up and out, from breathing, yoga and meditation to barre, functional and cardio work. Exercise should be a crucial part of our every day, and here we're doing it the Vogue way.


Mother of two and founder of her own global workout platform, Withsara, Icelandic Sara Snaedis Olafsdottir has made her mission to help women find a healthy and consistent way of working out (from barre to HIIT) from the comfort of their homes. “My goal is to offer short but effective on-demand workouts that are easy to fit into your schedule,” says Snaedis.

In regards to today’s class, Sara planned a workout in line with her favourite way of exercise. “Since I was a little girl I loved dancing by the barre, I started training and teaching barre at a studio 10 years ago in Iceland.”

Barre targets all the small muscles in the body, tones and lengthens them, and gives you a good core strength that improves the posture in your daily life. One of her personal tips is to put on a fun playlist during the class and synchronise the movements with the beat. “In this Barre class, I want you to grab a chair or something stable to hold on to. Wear comfortable clothes and you can either wear training shoes or simply be barefoot. Follow the alignment instructions I give throughout the class carefully because keeping the correct alignment is one of the keys to getting a successful, safe, and fun experience during the class. It is normal to feel the muscles burn and even shake when it gets hard, just keep breathing and make the most of it.”

Here's the workout

You can find more about Sara through her socials channels or at Withsara's profile.