15 Valentine's Day nail trends to fall in love with this year

By Josefin Forsberg
Sidney Sweeny sports light pink nails by Euphoria artist Natalie Minerva

Photo: Natalie Minerva (@natalieminervanails)

Got a a romantic dinner planned with your significant other or spending your night piled in front of Love Island Sweden with your best friends? Whether you're love-struck or anti-Cupid, these are the Vogue-approved nail designs to ask for this Valentine's Day


Mini hearts for the minimalist

Not one for attention-grabbing designs or eye-catching colours? Then might we suggest you try these mini hearts. While on both theme and trends, they're going to hold up long after Valentine's Day is over.

Nail lacquer 13 mademoiselle


Dior vernis - nail polish with gel effect and couture color


Natural nail base coat


143, diva - Le vernis



Iridescent with a jelly pink finish

Clearly, we're still not over Barbie's blockbuster summer. That's why we're tapping her signature shade when topping our metallic base coats.


A trippled-up French tip

Why settle for one bubblegum pink French tip when you can have three?


Comme De Garçon hearts

Eyeing some of the fashion industry's most romantic logos, we want Comme des Garçons' iconic heart logo on our nails this Valentine's Day.


Hailey Bieber's classic red tip

Over the past year, Hailey Bieber has been heralded as the celebrity nail-fluencer to know. Originating the oh-so-trendy milk nails doing the rounds at our favourite nail salons, for Valentine's Day she's made sure we have the hots for classic red tips.


Baby-blue coquette

Considering how we've come to relish in all things coquette –be they frills or bows – it is unsurprising we want to let this love affair continue onto our nails in the form of starry-eyed appliqués and a girly colour scheme.


Cherries for a change

If you've had Modern Talking's 'Cheri Cheri Lady' on repeat, it is time to continue this sweet treat onto your nails. Cherries are a known aphrodisiac after all.


Strawberry milk bath nails

We've had milk bath nails, matcha nails, and latte nails. It is only natural we continue this mouthwatering trend with strawberry milk nails this Valentine's Day.


Cut-out hearts

Cut-outs have been creeping onto the nail art scene, and what better way to achieve a Valentine's version of the trend than carving out a heart?


Understated white swirls

Sometimes what you need is to take a step back and avoid the clichés. An understated swirl in a crisp winter white could be just the thing that Cupid calls for this year.


Textured glitter nails

If wearing your heart on your nail feels too forward, consider a textured glitter instead. For us, this blush shade in particular tickle us pink.


All-in on red hearts

One for those too faint of heart to jump onto more exuberant trends, this cluster of handprinted red hearts is something we'd wear in a heartbeat.


A Valentine's Day rainbow

Having a hard time picking the right shade of pink or red for Valentine's Day? Why choose.


Groovy linework

Retro romance comes in the form of groovy 1970s inspired line work in loving shades of white, red and pink.


A reverse red French

Another one for those who wants their manicure to last beyond our favourite love fest: the reverse red French leaving a gap for growth at the bottom of the nail.