This is what the new King and Queen of Denmark wore to their coronation

By Josefin Forsberg

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It may not have the same bombastic pomp and complex protocol of other royal coronations, but the new King and Queen of Denmark still sparked our sartorial senses when they ascended the throne

When then Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark arrived at King Charles' coronation – wearing regal regalia and royal purple – in May last year, no one would expect that the pair would soon ascend to their own thrown.


Since Queen Margrethe II of Denmark's New Year's Eve abdication announcement, the Danish court has been abuzz with preparations for the royal reshuffle. But in contrast to other lavish coronations across Europe, the Danish procession of succession can be considered a relatively low-key affair: world leaders and dignitaries are not expected to be involved, for example.

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The proceedings took place at Christiansborg Palace, with HRH Frederik, HRM Mary and their eldest son, Crown Prince Christian, driving from their home at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. Meanwhile, Queen Margrethe II arrived in a gilded carriage to Christiansborg Palace, escorted by the Guard Hussar Regiment, stopping to wave to her subjects one final time.

Signing her abdication, Queen Margrethe II opted for a subdued ensemble consisting of a purple frock, a grey overcoat and a pair of ruby and diamond earrings (a gift from her late husband ) and a horseshoe brooch (a gift from her father).

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The royal couple stepped onto the balcony of Christiansborg Palace with the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who proclaimed them the new King and Queen of Denmark. Waving to the crowds throughout the canon salute, King Frederik and Queen Mary looked all the royal rage: King Frederik sporting royal regalia in uniform adorned with medallions and a sash, and Queen Mary of Denmark in a draped long-sleeved white dress by Danish designer Søren Le Schmidt.

While there were no royal crowns or tiara involved, Queen Mary's choice of jewellery was a continuation of her time as the Crown Princess. She opted for pieces from her iconic ruby set, which dazzled against the white dress.

While the festivities eschewed most of the spectacle related to a coronation, later tonight,residents of Copenhagen will be treated to an elaborate red and white fireworks display by Tivoli Gardens. It is set to be the most extensive fireworks display in the amusement park’s 180-year history, honouring Queen Margrethe II’s 52 years on the throne and the new King and Queen of Denmark.

Princess Isabella of Denmark, Prince Christian of Denmark, King Frederik of Denmark, Queen Mary of Denmark, Princess Josephine of Denmark and Prince Vincent of Denmark wave to the crowd after a declaration of the King's accession to the throne, from the balcony of Christiansborg Palace . Photo: Getty