This is the jewellery our Vogue editors wear every day

By Vogue Scandinavia's Shopping Team

Photo: Tom Wood

Whether dainty details, or a personalised statement, some jewellery pieces are part of our everyday ensembles. Below, discover the bijoux that Vogue Scandinavia's editors swear by

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While our tastes may vary when it comes to everyday jewellery, there’s one thing that Vogue Scandinavia’s editors can all agree on: simplicity with a twist. Whether in the form of minimalist gold or silver ear cuffs, smiley-shaped beaded baubles or colourful crystal studs, everyday jewellery is a highly personal choice. The tried-and-true backbone of our accessorising ventures, these are the pieces we never take off.

Martina Bonnier, Editor-in-Chief

“When I moved to New York years ago, I bought this Engelbert ring as a gift to myself. I always want to have Swedish design with me when I am abroad.”


The legacy knot ring

Via Engelbert

Allyson Shiffman, Print Editor

“My friend Ellen von Unwerth wears this necklace every day and I thought it was quite cool so I just copied her. I haven't taken it off in years.”

Perks and Mini

P. world fangz necklace silver

Via Perks and Mini

Clare McInerney, Digital Editor

“Safe to say I do most of my time-keeping with my iPhone, but if I leave the house without a classic leather-strapped watch around my wrist I feel completely naked.”


Tank louis watch

Maria Barsoum, Senior Fashion Editor

“It's classic yet interesting, it's silver yet gold, it's diamonds yet toned-down. It simply works with everything and a forever favourite.”

Ennui Atelier

Soul sister hoop 10 mm

Via Ennui Atelier

Josefin Forsberg, Fashion and Beauty News Editor

"Call me basic, but I have been obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw's iconic 'C' necklace for most of my life. So when I first saw Blue Billie's helium letters I had to get one as a birthday gift to myself. It now proudly hangs permanently around my neck nestled next to two small hearts I got at my christening."

Blue Billie

Helium letters gold

Via Blue Billie

Amelie Langenskiöld, Junior Fashion Editor

"I have always considered myself as a gold rather than a silver kind of person, but the past few years my taste has drawn more towards silver. The true milestone in this transitions I guess was when I received a silver bracelet bangle from Georg Jensen and since then never taken it off. Now it's safe to say that it has become an important part of my everyday attire."

Georg Jensen

Reflect bracelet

Via Georg Jensen

Rebecka Thorén, Fashion Production and Executive Assistant to the Editor in Chief

"When we meet, you will most likely see me in these stunning hoops from the Swedish jewellery brand Nootka. What made me fall in love with them was their simplicity yet interesting design feature with the textured silver surface. Devil's in the details...."


Big hoop silver

ZamZam Wasuge Ibrahim, Social Media Editor

“A few years ago I received a gold chain bracelet from my mother, something I cherish very dearly. Whilst the bracelet below is not the same one, you can never go wrong such a classic.”


Roxy parisienne finest bracelet

Via Elhanati