This is how 5 Scandi tastemakers mastered their pregnancy style

By Josefin Forsberg

September 16, 2021

Motherhood is a metamorphic experience in every way. Here five stylish Scandinavian mothers and mothers-to-be bestow their best maternity-wear advice

Navigating the physiological and sartorial changes that a pregnancy entails can only be described as confusing. With a growing belly, aching feet, and a wardrobe that seems entirely unfit – not to mention ill-fitting maternity wear – it is no surprise that mothers-to-be feel lost. Vogue Scandinavia turned to some of the region's most trusted style stars from Camilla Larsson to Babba Rivera to shed some light on how to to tackle the transition.

Babba Rivera, Vogue Scandinavia's eco-beauty expert

Babba wearing a knit dress

Photo: Babba C Rivera (@babba)

Ceremonia founder and Vogue Scandinavia's eco-beauty expert Babba Rivera is a Swedish Latina who is currently based in New York. She welcomed her first daughter Alma into the world last year.

How did your style change during pregnancy?

"At first not much changed because a lot of the items in my closet are very loose and big. So I easily fit the bump into my oversized A-line dresses. However, as the bump continued to grow, I was suddenly no longer able to wear most of my trousers. I started to crave more options, and that’s when I fell in love with tight long-sleeve knit dresses. There’s something so beautiful about a long, tight-knitted dress on a pregnant body."

What piece of clothing did you rely on during your pregnancy?

"I relied a lot on my oversized fluffy dresses. However, I realised that the combination of a maxi length and voluminous silhouette wasn't flattering with the bump. That's why I opted for the shorter ones to show off a little leg or my arms to balance it out. Or alternatively opting for pieces that accentuated the bump altogether. My go-to pregnancy dress was a linen dress from Sleeper; it felt like pyjamas but looked stylish. I also relied a lot on leggings, especially a pair from Filippa K soft sport, which carried me through almost the entire pregnancy. Toward the end, I found comfort in the pregnancy leggings from Rönisch. Those were the only pregnancy leggings I found to be actually comfortable, as many were too loose."

Embrace the bump! I think it’s so beautiful when we as women embrace our bodies.Babba C Rivera
Babba in her Filippa K soft sport leggings

Babba wearing her trusty Filippa K Soft sport leggings. Photo: Babba C Rivera (@babba)

Babba wearing Chanel sneakers

Not really in the mood for heels, Babba embraced her Chanel sneakers. Photo: Babba C Rivera (@babba)

Babba C Rivera with her baby daughter

Babba Rivera with her daughter. Photo: Babba C Rivera (@babba)

What shoes did you use the most during your pregnancy

"I wore mainly flats during my pregnancy. I wasn’t really in the mood for heels as much, I think in part because your balance is off during pregnancy. So instead, I wore my Chanel sneakers and Gucci loafers a lot."

What's your best styling tip for mothers to be?

"Embrace the bump! I think it’s so beautiful when we, as women, embrace our bodies. Ironically, during pregnancy was actually the first time I felt comfortable wearing a tank top. I also welcomed tight dresses, which previously would have made me uncomfortable as my stomach tends to bloat easily. However, during my pregnancy, I fully embraced it and felt very empowered in doing so."

Camilla Larsson, Stylist

Camilla Larsson by the sea

Camilla Larsson. Photo: Camilla Larsson (ctlarsson)

Copenhagen-based stylist and Vogue Scandinavia contributor, Camilla Larsson is expecting her first child later this year.

How has your style changed during pregnancy?

“I am one of the lucky ones and have only felt small changes in my body compared with women I know. That said, I found out rather quickly – even though I didn't feel the changes – that I had to leave all my jeans and tight tights behind for a while. I never really wore dresses, so I thought that would be one of the bigger changes to my wardrobe. But due to being pregnant during the summer, I've managed without and have mostly worn shorts. Also, I realise that I have added more jewellery to my look to sharpen it up and keep it luxurious especially when I'm wearing the same outfit most days."

What piece of clothing did you rely on during your pregnancy?

“My two pairs of sweat shorts from 7Days Active Wear, and my white boxers from Rika – Worn with a white T-shirt keep my look relaxed but fresh. I also have to mention the classic Wolford tube dress in black. It shows your belly and enhances the beauty of a pregnant body. The stretchiness is vital. I am also planning to buy a Prada duvet jacket (buying it in extra large for the added coziness), a pair of low Moonboots – they're cute. And cashmere cable tank tops from Totême."

Throughout her pregnancy, Larsson preferred wearing shorts. Photo: Camilla Larsson (@ctlarsson)

Castaner Espadrilles was the stylist's firm favourite when it came to footwear. Photo: Camilla Larsson (@ctlarsson)

What shoes did you use the most during your pregnancy

“I rediscovered an old model of Castaner espadrilles this summer. Although they're not too high, they enhance your leg. And sneakers, of course. I always turn to Asics."

What's your best styling tip for mothers to be?

"Remember to feel comfortable. But it's also very important to find your peace with being pregnant and the new changes to your body. As long as you're comfortable, you can get away with most looks. My single best tip is to look for classics and great sportswear while focusing on your accessories to make any look feel personal."

Jeanette Madsen, creative director and co-founder of Rotate

Jeanette Madsen in her Rotate knit set

Photo: Jeanette Madsen (@_jeanettemadsen_)

Rotate Birger Christensen designer and Copenhagen-local Jeanette Friis Madsen is already a mother of two. She's expecting her third child in September.

How did your style change during pregnancy?

"I wouldn’t say that my style has changed, but I have been wearing more dresses than usual."

What piece of clothing did you rely on during your pregnancy?

"Long and tight dresses. I definitely prefer to show my bump and my figure instead of hiding it - I think it's much more flattering for the silhouette. I've loved my Wolford Fatal dress which can be styled several ways. I've also been wearing my Sir the Label Ingrid cut out dress a lot. I love my leggings from The Mama Set and my oversized shirts from the Frankie shop. They're all things I can use afterwards"

Madsen opts for figure hugging longer dresses during her pregnancy

Jeanette Madsen reaches for figure hugging silhouettes. Photo: Jeanette Madsen (@_jeanettemadsen_)

Madsen wear a soft set, brown leather coat and slides

Slides have become a staple in her shoe wardrobe. Photo: Jeanette Madsen (@_jeanettemadsen_)

Madsen layers looser silhouettes over figure hugging basics

According to Madsen, adding a looser silhouette over something fitted is a go-to. Photo: Jeanette Madsen (@_jeanettemadsen_)

What shoes did you use the most during your pregnancy

My Yeezy slides and Havaianas. I'm so happy that I have been pregnant during the spring and summer seasons – It's so much easier!

What's your best styling tip for mothers to be?

I think it’s important that you embrace your new growing figure from the start. I found it difficult myself in the beginning. I think a good place to start is to focus on what you like on your body. Oversized is always a good choice in the beginning when you can’t see the bump yet. Later on, I think it's nice to add an oversized shirt or a blazer over soft tight dresses or skirts. Now that it's starting to get colder I think it's all about feeling comfortable, so this new set from Rotate is perfect. I also just bought The Row Zip 1 ankle boots. They're easy to slide into and again perfect for autumn."

Iris Gold, musician

Iris Gold and baby August in matching stripes. Photo: Iris Gold

Iris Gold is a singer, rapper and songwriter living in Copenhagen. She gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, last year

How did your style change during pregnancy?

"I was touring a lot at the time, so all my stage clothing was in stretchy materials. I wore mainly catsuits with a lot of bling made by my homegirl Tabernacle Twins. Offstage, I really loved showing my belly, so I wore various crop tops and baggy pants. Usually, I’m a little shy about my belly as it's always been quite bouncy, but it was my favourite part of my body during my pregnancy."

What piece of clothing did you rely on during your pregnancy?

I loved my wraps from Tanzania. My last trimester was during the summer, so I loved lounging around at home or in the park in my baggy boxer shorts and just tying the material around my waist and bust out a cute sport or pregnancy bra with it."

Usually, I’m a little shy about my belly as it's always been quite bouncy, but it was my favourite part of my body during my pregnancyIris Gold

Iris Gold spent most of her pregnancy on tour. Photo: Iris Gold (@irisgoldmusic)

The musician swore on crop-tops and baggy trousers offstage. Photo: Iris Gold (@irisgoldmusic)

Gold embraced her belly during the pregnancy. Photo: Iris Gold (@irisgoldmusic)

What shoes did you use the most during your pregnancy

"I loved my grey Adidas running trainers. They are so comfy and wide, and at the end of my pregnancy my feet were very tired and needed space. Otherwise my bare feet, especially on stage. It made me feel so earthy and grounded."

What's your best styling tip for mothers to be?

"Well, I have an afro, and my tip for girls with my hair would be to get their hair braided. It saves so much time and hassle. Generally speaking, get some cute scrunchies and hair bands, because you're gonna wanna tie your hair up or back."

Laura Wills, content creator

Photo: Laura Wills

Laura Wills of The Fashion Bug Blog is a Finnish content creator living in London, she is the mother of four, and gave birth to her youngest six months ago.

How did your style change during pregnancy?

"I’m not sure pregnancy changed my style that much during the first three pregnancies, but I was pregnant with my fourth during the pandemic, which definitely impacted my style. I’ve always enjoyed a mix of being super dressed up and being casual and comfy, but during my fourth pregnancy, I was all about comfort."

What piece of clothing did you rely on during your pregnancy?

"Spanx mama leather maternity leggings - you can style them in so many ways. I also loved knit dresses, and I bought a couple from Khaite and Self Portrait, even Zara. They were some of my best purchases during my pregnancy. I also wore sweatpants a lot during the pandemic. I did buy some maternity jeans, which I regret because I find them so uncomfortable."

Wills opts for a sequin gown

Laura Wills still enjoys dressing up, even when pregnant and in lockdown. Photo: Laura Wills (@thefashionbugblog)

Laura wears comfortable Calvin Klein underwear

Comfortable underwear is key according Laura. Photo: Laura Wills (@thefashionbugblog)

Laura Wills opts for designer belts to elevate her outfits

A belt to emphasise the belly is a go-to when Wills wants to elevate an outfit. Photo: Laura Wills (@thefashionbugblog)

What shoes did you use the most during your pregnancy

"I spent the majority of my pregnancy in lockdown so comfy slippers - I love the Sleeper shearling ones."

What's your best styling tip for mothers to be?

"Try to find pieces that work from your existing wardrobe - I’ve never really worn maternity clothing in any of my pregnancies. Invest in a few basics like leggings and comfy underwear, and use belts to create a lovely shape with your bump if wearing something oversized."

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